Secret School for Girls

“In a secret location somewhere in Kandahar, an afternoon class where girls can learn about management, leadership and the English language.”

“This is quite a society. This is quite a culture, a trend, a custom that is anti-women education.”

via onegoodmove

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I haven’t seen the video yet ’cause I’m at work, but it’s a sad thing if you have to get your education in secret.
    It’s quite literally medieval (when the commoners weren’t allowed to read either, or at least weren’t allowed to read the bible).
    I think similar tactics were used to keep the black slaves in the US ignorant.

    I didn’t really like going to school when I was a kid, but it’s not until you realise just what a privilege it is that you start to appreciate the ability to expand your knowledge.
    I used to think I’d never say this whern I was a kid, but looking back now I envy myself going to school, and wish I could do it all over.

  2. Fucking Taleban. Fuckers should go die already.

    RE: the video, it makes you realise how much you take for granted. It’s great that they are fighting to educate and empower women. Even though I hated high school, at least it gave me the tools I needed to be what I am now. I’ll always be grateful for that, even if I’m still emotionally scarred by Mrs Turner-Crombie.

  3. I applaud these women (and the teachers) and their bravery, getting an education in spite of the danger to their lives for doing so. Backwards thinking like “women can’t learn” makes me angry, but stories like this give me hope. And yet it makes me sad to hear that it must be done in secret.

  4. Education for all is the basis for a free and open society. And by that I mean real education–not what passes for it in many state- or religious-run “schools.” It’s heartening to know that, even in so backward a place as Afghanistan, these young women want to learn and are able to do so–albeit in secret at least for now. It would be even better if at least some among them could be awarded scholarships to leave the country for higher education when they come of age. Thanks for posting, Rebecca.

    How is it possible? What are the men there afraid of?? Why did we go there and not fix that???
    I thought things were getting better for women in Afghanistan merely because I hadn’t heard about it in awhile. Admitting I wasn’t looking for it. But 10 years ago, I got some forwarded information at least once a month about the outrages to women in Afghanistan. Now apparently we are bored with it as a nation so we don’t talk about it anymore.


  6. This video is so sad. After 9 years of NATO presence, there are still so few opportunities for Afghanis to get an education, and the women can only access them by risking death or disfigurement.
    I wish we could bring all the school age kids here for their education.

  7. This is so ridiculous how they can’t get an education and they have to cover their heads and all that shit just because they don’t have a penis due to their stupid religion! It gets me so angry! What the fuck men stop oppressing women due to your own insecurities!!! GRRR!!

  8. @CobaltG: Obviously it is because the brain is located in the penis, so it is abomination for women to “strap one on,” so to speak.

    This is so sad and maddeningly crazy, particularly in light of the past few days coverage of the many virulent reviews of Aayan Hirsi Ali’s new book. It turns out, Rebecca, that merely for posting this video about girls having to go to secret schools you are shrill and intolerant and an anti-muslim bigot. Why you gotta be like that?

  9. wtf! Way to film everyone’s face and show them unblurred on satellite TV anyway AlJazeera! It’s probably already been firebombed. It’s hopeless there. We’ve been in this country for a decade and the HDI is the LOWEST IN THE WORLD at .352 – second only to Niger at .34 from being dead last. If you have a brain in Afghanistan or the means or desire to get an education, your only hope is to get the hell out of there as soon and as fast as possible.

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