Why Do I Do COTW on Fridays FFS?

I mean really, it’s Friday! I’m all busy going to the pub and playing pinball and enjoying the beautiful weather and stuff and I totally forget that it’s FRIDAY and I have to give a made-up award with no prize to one of you people. That’s right, I said you people.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m in a good mood so you know what? EVERYBODY WINS! I’ll list the COTWs in a second but first here’s an awesome pic that I Tweeted earlier but I want to post here because it’s so awesome (click it to see the full size with the best results):

If you’re on a laptop, you can tilt your monitor and see a SECRET IMAGE! If you’re not, you can try zooming way out of your browser to see it. Okay, onto COTW!

1. Stevie, in response to Garrison’s comment, “Don’t you know “Coke is for Jews; Pepsi is for Mohammed”?”:

Does that mean Squirt is for Catholics?

2. Speaking of Coke, Mark Hall says

Mike, I’m disappointed in you. By now, you should know to NEVER READ THE COMMENTS. EVER. Comments on articles and blog posts are full of morons with cartoon pictures for avatars, or shills for the latest offering of Coca-Cola, the best cola in the world!

So, don’t read the comments, and have a nice, cold Coke, instead.

From Advocatus Diaboli:

OK, here’s my contribution (sung to the tune of Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee from Grease):

Look at me, I’ve a PhD
Lousy with authority
I saw it through
At Patriot U
And now! I’m a PhD

50 pages (front and back!)
And a spell check I did lack
But PU got paid
And Doctor was made
Look at me! I’m a PhD

Darwinists doubt my claims
But they’ll burn soon, in Hell’s flames
Don’t understand tax laws
But know evolution has flaws
Trust me! I’m a PhD

A horrible pun from Skepotter:

This blog is one of the worst examples of censory deprivation I haven’t seen!

And from Expatria:

This is a corporate-sponsored FAKE? No way!

What’s next, Rebecca? Are you going to tell me that short documentary about one elderly lady’s quest to answer the question “Where’s the beef?” was also some sort of advertisement?!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. I don’t mind that you forgot. It means I am one of the default winners. Hey, I spent eight or possibly even nine minutes working on my contribution before I posted it. That’s not even counting the time spent on the rejected Hopelessly Devoted to Woo song.

  2. I couldn’t get the picture to work on my work PC, but here I can see it if I look at my monitor from a low enough angle. It also appears slightly if I move my browser window around the screen quickly. Is there a “how it works” link?

  3. So that’s what the aliens are trying to tell us. Great, now that I know, I feel so let down…

    just kidding. And I’m wondering if that works on CRTs or if it takes advantage of the twisty nature of LCD pixels.

  4. FWIW Elyse’s “Big Deviation” comment on the reader’s rant thread definitely should have made the shortlist!

    Wit points: +3SDs over the mean.

  5. @slxpluvs: It flickers? I downloaded the image an only see one frame so it doesn’t seem to be an animated gif.

    @Joshua Zelinsky: While I’m not an expert in these matters, a quick check of the color histogram shows that the Hitler image only exists in the middle levels while the secondary image excluded from this region. In other words, if you restrict the histogram to the top 10%, you only get the second image (likewise if you do the bottom 10%). If you take only the middle 80%, a figure with a toothbrush mustache confronts you.

  6. @Joshua –

    I wasn’t able to see the thing properly until I downloaded it and noodled with it in Paint. Even then, I had to move the computer around in front of me for a while before it became visible.

    Funky much.

  7. @Joshua Zelinsky: The image is constructed in such a way to take advantage of the fact that most LCD screens have a limited amount of off-axis viewing. When you look at an LCD screen from an extreme viewing angle the contrast and colors will become distorted.

    The hidden image is much, much lighter than the visible image, and only becomes visible when you either tilt your screen away from you or look at it from below, darkening the lighter-colored pixels.

    It will not work on a CRT display, because they have a virtually unlimited viewing angle.

    Personally, I had to get down on the ground and stare straight up at my screen to see the image. Yay for LCDs with excellent viewing angle freedom. I was able to isolate the image in Photoshop though.

  8. For those unwilling to mess with their monitors, I found that if I copied the picture into IrfanView and selected Image->Color Corrections, you can move the Gamma slider to the left until the second picture becomes dominant.

  9. @Stevie: Nice work, Stevie! Unfortunately, I was away and didn’t see this until now. I think I deserve at least a bit of the credit for inspiring you. No?

    But, its cool. Happy to be mentioned. :-P

    Thanks Rebecca.

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