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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Wow. I thought the 10 payments of 39.70 was a joke. Why won’t this man go away? Hasn’t he been banned from stuff like this, or is it only infomercials that he’s legally not allowed to do? I don’t have words for how much I hate Kevin Trudeau.

  2. Imagine being PERSONALLY taught…

    -How to have your own Aladdin’s Lamp and have your OWN Genie who will grant YOU your every desire!

    What happens if “I” PERSONALLY DESIRE that Kevin Trudeau ends up disgraced AND homeless?

  3. From the article (emphasis mine):
    There are standard criteria for assessing whether data from epidemiological studies show causality or not,” says Swerdlow. “The results for this study don’t get close to passing the standard tests for whether the results show causation.

    I would say that’s pretty conclusive. But there’s too many bits in there that can be misinterpreted by those wishing to stick to the opposite conclusion. It’s also at the very bottom, and we all know most people don’t read that far …

  4. Hmmm, the rice bra apparently comes with gardening gloves. I can not imagine what type of tending of such a fortunate garden could possibly require gloves of any kind.

  5. Re: “State of Denial”
    One of the biggest problems with the AGW/AGC crowd is the shrilness of their claims. They get crazier and harder to believe with every press release, like this one that says 4.2 billion people will be dead by 2012. http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/01/08/01291.html

    Most of these crazy ass claims are made by leftists (socialists, anti-capitalists, etc) and they taint the whole of AGC.

  6. @James Fox: You need to repost the link. It does not include the last section, so that when I click on it it leads to a blank page. It does work if you cut and paste the entire url, tho.

    Kevin Trudeau should be in jail. Agreed.

    Sadly, he is more popular than ever. I think there is a link between the deniers and Trudeau followers. D’Nile is not just a river in Africa, my friends.

    I like the part in the Trudeau’s “desk” advert where he says: “I’m not trying to brag, but…” Really, Kev? No, that’s exactly what you’re doing, because you have “it” and we don’t. Oh, but wait, you’re going to let me have “it” for just $397.00 US? Oh, then it’s allright. You’re the best.

    Love and Kisses oxox.

    Bite me.

  7. I think my favorite part about the trudeau piece is when he artificially sets the ridiculous price of $1000 for a half a dozen cd’s and then immediately offers you the sale price of $400, claiming he’s giving you a deal.


    Oh, and sure enough, the local radio DJs reported the opposite of what the cell phone study said (while simultaneously saying the results were inconclusive. I say again: WHAT.). Sigh.

  8. Those new scientist people are right! They did however miss one thing, there are mainstream scientific magazines who in shameless and idiotic bids for publicity keep publishing articles which support the anti-science position. Take for example evolution, creationists are never going to buy subscriptions to science magazines so if we boycott magazines that publish misleading or garbage articles about evolution that pander to creationists those magazines will have to change their position or go out of business. I therefore suggest we boycott this magazine and this magazine

  9. Last I heard, the rumours were more about the in-home portable phone thingies more than cellphones. Anyone have an update on those?

    I’m not freaked out or anything…but on the other hand, I don’t let my 4 year old use the portable phone. That’s partly also because the glowing green buttons are wayyyy too distracting for her and Grandma doesn’t need to hear “beeep booop beeep” during every call.

  10. I’d really love to know why needy, gullible people seem to have the super-power of being able to read through reams of woo. These web-pages are never short & pithy. /whinge

    Also, I’m selling these fine leather jackets…

  11. @Tortorific, are those actually genuine science magazines?
    Also, this article isn’t necessarily anti-science, considering that indeed, much of Darwin’s theory of evolution has changed by now as more facts have been uncovered, and some of his ideas were in fact just plain wrong. But the basic concept still stands stronger than ever of course.

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