Skepchick Quickies 5.11

  • What every girl should know about birth control – “Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, remembers getting a pretty thorough grounding in sex and the ways to prevent pregnancy when she was in school — back in the days when the raciest thing you saw on television was Rob and Laura Petrie waking up in twin beds on the opposite side of the room.”
  • Man gives $150, 000 to psychic, then suspects fraud – “So just to be clear: don’t give $150,000 in cash and autos to a psychic in exchange for removal-of-demon services. And if you want to buy a tabernacle from the Vatican, deal with the church yourself and don’t go through the local psychic.” From Steve.
  • Fake yo-yo trickster fools every TV station everywhere – “A strange, strange man has been showing up on morning shows throughout the Midwest, claiming to be a yo-yo trick champion. He is not. He is actually terrible at yo-yo. Yet he keeps getting on the air.” From Mark.
  • Electron Boy’s power felt worldwide – More on the boy whose wish for the Make-a-Wish foundation was to be a super hero. Keep some tissues handy. From James Fox.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Fake yo-yo champ: hilarious!

    Superhero kid: oh god I hope nobody walks into my cubicle and sees me all teary-eyed…

  2. I think dolemite had the best comment on the psychic /demon-removal service story: how does someone that gullible wind up with $150,000 in the first place?

    And I don’t need any tissues … I’m just … ah … lubricating my eyeballs.


  3. I like that the guy who gave his money to the psychic only realized his mistake because he saw the psychic give the same song and dance to another victim. Always make your sales pitch with no witnesses, don’t these psychics know anything?

  4. OMG the yo-yo guy, so rad. I hope this teaches local news channels that they need to spend more time covering actual news.
    Pleeease keep us updated on this.

  5. @k-rex: There’s nothing wrong with the occasional light-hearted story. Life is full of ’em, not just depressing news.

    That said, maybe this will teach local news channels to, you know, do some research before they invite guests on to their show.

  6. Bellevue, WA for the win! Now we are perhaps known for something more than hacking the Wikipedia page to say that we are the world’s largest producers of yak butter.

  7. The yo-yo trickster is just a lame imitation of the “Yo-Yo Man”, which was perfected by the inimitable Tommy Smothers, who wore the suspenders proudly. (Okay, I’ll admit I’m old enough to remember that).

    The Electron Boy article and video had me quivering like a bowl of jello. It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks, Jacob.

    Mmmmmmm…yak butter.

  8. The yo-yo guy thing reminds me of how “Borat” managed to make it onto a morning show that then complained about being duped. “Duped” of course being code for “we didn’t even bother to Google the guy’s name.”

  9. The yo-yo guy had me laughing out lout even before ever started slinging the yo-yos around. It was so clear that he was just chewing up time. Like if he kept talking the station would eventually run out of time and he wouldn’t have to actually do anything. At the same time, the shtick with the yo-yos was priceless!

  10. @Markklar: Hear, hear. I am trying to surreptitiously wipe my eyes while at work. That makes my inner dad break down with sadness and joy.

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