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AI: I’d rather be…

Right now, I’d rather be sitting on the beach at Mooloolaba, in Queensland, Australia, drinking a coffee, and otherwise doing nothing at all…

Where would you rather be?

What would you rather be doing?

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  1. I’m doing exactly what I want today – I’m going to do some painting later, and play the ukelele in between.

    The only way it could be better is if a laundry fairy would show up and finish off the clothes washing for me :)

  2. I’d rather be where I was eight days ago, hanging out at home with my Knight in Smelly Bogu (it’s a kendo thing) and watching my spoiled calico cat get goofy on catnip, with nothing on my mind beyond where we might go for dinner.

  3. At present, I’m fairly content with my location.

    But I’d rather be able to move my face, the left side of which has been completely paralyzed since wednesday night (neurological causes have been ruled out).

  4. Exploring the rocks and the snorkel trail at Tinderbox Beach with my niece and nephew… Only a 30 hour plane trip and 2 hour drive away. :-( Plus it’s winter there. :-(

  5. @DataJack:

    Not so much lotto as bad planning. I would rather have not taken these huge vacations so close together right after starting a new job. But you gotta do what you gotta do :)

    The California thing wa a business tip for Maria, although it seems whenever Skepchicks gather in groups of one or more, the party begins :)

  6. Isn’t it winter in Queensland right now? Mind you, I’ve been to Queensland in winter and it was almost as warm as summer here in Auckland.

    I have so many places I’d rather be than here. I’d really like to be on river cruise through France or maybe Germany. Relaxing on the boat, then stopping off at beautiful little villages to eat and drink. Although I understand why people want a more ‘authentic’ experience while on holiday, I’m perfectly happy to be a tourist, doing touristy things. There’s no a/c when you’re backpacking.

  7. Living on an L-5 station, eating goat cheese and apples and watching my cats leaping around in zero G. [They do a pretty good job in one G, but think of how’d they do in lower gravity…]

    The bunnies, tho’ – the bunnies are going to be food. Bunnies and goats provide more protein from what they ingest than do other meat animals. Sad, but true.

    What genetic engineers need to do is build a Schmoo.

  8. I’m in southern Thailand, chilling in my room until it’s time for my first class at noon. I just had an awesome rice soup breakfast and I’m flicking through my pictures from spending the weekend at Khao Sok national park.

    If only my gf wasn’t teaching right now I’d be set ^_^

  9. “I keep wishing I were somewhere else,
    Sailing down a strange new lake,
    Taking bearings I have never shot
    On a course I’ve yet to taaaaakkkke.”

    –with apologies to whoever wrote “It might as well be Spring”

  10. For about 45 seconds I thought, “Wow
    ! this is a great philosophy! I should be working all the time to what I would rather be doing now!” Then I reflected (on the couple of beers that I’ve had), probably not an *all embracing* philosophy.

    If I were asked at the moment of getting a vaccine injection what I would rather be doing, it would not be getting a needle stuck in my arm. However, if asked while puking my guts out from the flu what I would rather be doing it would be pretty much anything.

    So, I am comfortable with reading and responding to Skepchick posts. I *think* that I would prefer to be independently wealthy and chilling on a cruising catamaran in the Bahamas, instead of eagerly embracing my U.S. federal holiday tomorrow (Memorial Day) as a reason not to go to work…. but then, who knows what will happen on Tuesday at work???

  11. @Advocatus Diaboli:

    I’ve visited Brisbane in winter (holiday) and Brisbane in summer (brother’s wedding last December), and winter is better. I’ll shortly be swapping winter in Sydney for winter in Auckland as I move back home.

    I’d rather be exploring the Parthenon, Knossos, Macchu Pichu, Ankor Wat, Krak des Chevaliers or (best of all) the as-yet-undiscovered backup copy of the Library of Alexandria or Bait al-Hikma (not that I’d be able to read any of it.)

  12. I’d rather be not broke so I could go to TAM. And I’d like to be outside playing disc golf but it was all rainy here today and the course is a swamp. Grr.

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