Straight Camp

God can cure homosexuality. Stop being an abomination!

It didn’t work for James Randi, but then he’s a heathen. And the American Psychological Association doesn’t agree, but “Straight Camps” claim they can heal you of your homosexuality through therapy consisting of song, prayer, manly sports, exercise, and faith…

If you happen to be in Berkeley, CA, this Friday, come attend the following seminar instead of trying to pick someone up in a local public restroom (‘Ha! There aren’t any public restrooms in Berkeley’, you say.)

Ted Cox will be presenting his “What I Learned at Straight Camp” talk for the on-campus group SANE (Students Advocating a Nonreligious Ethos):

Starting in 2007, Sacramento writer Ted Cox went undercover in gay-to-straight therapy programs. He attended weekly support meetings, conferences and a 48-hour “healing touch” camp in Arizona.

This presentation details the weird times he had posing as a “same-sex attracted” Christian and includes music, videos and a live demonstration.

Date: Friday, April 9.2010

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Cal Campus, 2050 VLSB (Map)

Ted will speak about his intervention adventures at a Christian camp (no pun intended) designed to change one’s sexual orientation, like it’s some sort of mental disorder.

This is a wholesome and godly retreat where a dozen men stay in a cabin together – but it’s not like sex ‘addicts’ who attend therapy to pick up partners at all…

I’m particularly intrigued by the “live demonstration”, and I wonder if Ted received a certificate upon completion of the course…now that’s one I want right next to my certificate of ordination from Universal Ministries.

See you there! And remember…Christian circle-jerking is straight…

(Thanks to Steve Shaw of SANE for alerting me to this event)

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  1. @Chupacabras: Uh? How about some actual old fashioned SEX???

    The thing is, you’re supposed to be attracted to the opposite sex without actually having sex (except in marriage, for procreation, and in the missionary position) or even lusting after them.

  2. There should totally be an “It’s OK to Have Sex with Other Dudes Camp”.
    That Straight Camp sounds like the shittiest camp imaginable: “We want you to sit here and lust after sex with ladies! Then, if you should succeed, you have to fight these urges because you we don’t want you to actually do that until you’re married, you filthy swine! Now, praise Jesus!”

  3. …therapy consisting of song, prayer, manly sports, exercise, and faith

    Sounds to me like they’re aiming for some kind of aversion therapy where you learn to associate sweaty bodies in close contact with negative stimuli like praying and chanting. A sort of Ludovico technique for teh gay.

  4. I view these “straight camp” leaders as sexual predators. They prey upon the fear and anxiety of my people and wallow in it and magnify it and delight when it germinates into pitiful shells of people like Richard Cohen.

  5. Ah yes, manly sports.
    Because getting teh gays all sweaty and rubbing together is the best way to cure them. Nobody at straight camp has ever seen a real live human being before.

  6. Ha! I just showed a segment of _But I’m a Cheerleader_ in my anthro class the other day to illustrate this! Camp “True Directions”, indeed. If you’ve not seen this movie, you must.

  7. @Chupacabras: “song, prayer, manly sports, exercise, and faith…” The singing and exercise are both pretty gay already. Also, the manly sports likely ends up with team showers in the locker rooms. Just sayin…

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