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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “Fruit-eating lizard” sounds like something dubbed over a swear in the TV version of a movie…

    “Get the ::fudge:: away from me you ::fruit eating lizard!::”

    Perhaps that’s what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

  2. RE : Ev psych

    too many people in the comments thread arguing about the conclusions of ev psych. The problem isn’t that EP comes to sexist conclusions, the problem is that most evolutionary psychologists have only a surface knowledge of the basics of evolution and the factors affecting selection. They are much more enamored with the soft sciences (which allow them to speculate more) than the hard ones. If the science was good, the conclusions would have to be accepted, no matter how distastful to our sensibilities. Luckily, the science is crap.

  3. Craig Ferguson waxed poetic over the new lizard last night, pointing out that it had a double penis. Repeatedly. This is why he won the Peabody award; he brings scientific knowledge to his viewers. And moral philosophers and robot skeletons. [I suffer from insomnia. Were it not for Craig Ferguson, I’d have to go out, prowl the streets and mug some Republican headed for the local bondage-theme nightclub.]

    “Point-light methodology”? Huh? How about a little body language, facial expression, etc. before making a blanket conclusion of whether an ovulating woman casts a come hither or not? Scent cues? Gait ain’t all.

  4. @mikerattlesnake:

    I agree that a lot of the problem lies in people’s misunderstanding of evolutionary theory. Psychologists should be made to take bio as part of their undergrad degree. And also statistics. Actually, everyone should have to take statistics. That’ll save a lot of trouble.

    I do think that Evolutionary Psychology is a valid and useful approach to understanding human behaviour if done scientifically. I realise that it is often very difficult or impossible to test a hypothesis in social sciences, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. It just means we need to work on improving our methods.

  5. When you’re maximally fertile, you tend to be maximally PMS-ing. Naturally you’re going to emit a subtle “get the hell away from me” vibe.

    what?! this makes no sense at all. for me, and, i assume, most women, ovulation happens a full week before pms.

    as someone somewhat educated in anthropology, i think there is a place for ep, but this is a glaring example of a really stupid attempt at it.

    i am interested to look at the study itself, however, because i do think a lot of the problem with ep is how it gets interpreted in the media. come up with a study showing that blondes make more money, for example, and the news outlets jump to “blondes are warrior princesses! zombg!” or the like.

  6. @DominEditrix: i, too, love craig. he’s funny as fuck, always interesting, and quite sexy. win, win, and win.

    i’ll have to dig up the video of the robot, as i’ve missed all of this week’s shows due to not having a tv in my out of town apartment (i’m working away from home).

  7. @carr2d2: Geoff Peterson has had a somewhat bizarre first week. I did not expect him to be wearing a suit.

    Yes, indeed, Craig is sexy. I do wish they’d let him wear jeans on the show, as jeans show him off much better than a suit. [What is it with late night TV and suits?] And smart, very smart. I like that in a man (grin).

  8. @carr2d2: Well, it seems that a fair share of the commenters on the ovulation/gait article didn’t know the difference between ovulation and menstruation. Don’t know if that speaks for anything..

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