Skepchick Quickies, 4.28


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  1. “The finders, led by an evangelical group…”

    Not surprising to see their claimed results with this “profession”.

    And the stories on Constance and that lesbian student left out of her yearbook despite her academic achievements pisses me off even more.
    Seems people always try to find an outlet for their bigotry.

  2. As crappy as the high school news is I still see it as a huge step forward. An out gay student would have been at constant risk of violence when I was in high school back in the 80’s. Beating and murder would have been thought to be perfectly okay by most in the community. Now the schools are seen as insensitive pricks and are roundly condemned by most people. Things are improving. Brave students are forcing them to improve.

  3. Gay teens? Why should mere children even have any sexual preference at all? They shouldn’t even be aware of sex!! Those potentially slutty baby-heathens should be bound and locked up in a trunk, only to be let out for bible teachin’, the occasional god-blessed meal, and for deacon-monitored bathroom breaks (to make sure they don’t touch themselves of course). If you can’t do that from the beginning, then send ’em off to god-fearin’ re-education camps until they understand that sex is evil, dirty and to only be used for making more god-fearin’ babies and for serving your lawfully married husband.
    Uhm…Amen and stuff.
    [/blatant troll]

    Okay. I’ve done Westboro’s job for them, now they should leave Constance the fuck alone.
    [/wishful thinking]

  4. Other than the Science Party, (the invitation for which I hope is in my mailbox when I get home), those are some horribly depressing stories.
    Perhaps these are the types of stories you should only remind us of on Fridays, when they can be ameliorated by cute animals.

  5. Given that story from last week that the public doesn’t trust scientists, I would venture a guess that the public would trust scientific politicians even less.

    But I’d still like to cast my vote for science.

  6. @marilove nice to be back! thanks for the warm welcome :)

    @Displaced Northerner seeing as how 76% of Americans identify themselves as Christians, i think we’re doomed anyway. we just have to convince them that voting is totally pointless. but given their track record of believing in things there is absolutely no proof for, this might not be as impossible as it may seem.

  7. People wonder why I have a giant, throbbing, vein on my FOREHEAD (perverts) when I come down from my office to get coffee. It’s reading stories about people being treated like shit because of their preferences.

  8. One thing I find interesting about the Noah’s Ark article is that they were evangelicals from Hong Kong.

    You really don’t hear that every day ”

    Sadly I do. The only thing worse than the crazy evangelicalism is when it has the bloated stinking corpse of imperialism stapled to it.

  9. Not only was her photo not put in but they never mentioned her name once. They axed her out of the whole thing. Can you be anymore blatant?

  10. @Grand Lunar: Here’s the interesting thing about archaeology. A lot of it is interest-driven.

    “I am interested in X so I am going to look into X.” To an extent, this isn’t bad… that’s how you get people to look into things (except for the shovel bums, who are there because you said “work” and “foreign country”… you probably left out “Islamic country” because you don’t want your shovel bums thinking they can’t get beer).

    However, it’s also interesting the bias that goes into it. My ex-wife is Asatruar, and she had to be relatively quiet about that when doing digs in Gotland because people would think she was ideologically motivated. However, you never see these questions asked about Christian archaeologists who go digging up the Middle East. In everything I’ve read, it was simply not brought up by anyone in the community.

  11. I heard about the Noah’s Ark thing while I was getting ready this morning. At first I was doubtful, thinking that something had been found but mis-identified. When I found out that the discoverers are evangelical Christians, I became outright suspicious. I know a lot of people here have disdain for all Christians and sort of lump them all together, but evangelicals are different than the rest. I was raised Christian but not Evangelical, but I encountered evangelical Christianity through a school club and some other non-denominational things. While it was never said outright, it was strongly implied that it was not only permissible but actually our duty to lie to convert others to evangelicalism. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this Noah’s Ark thing is a complete hoax, rather than a biased misinterpretation.

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