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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “Noted Italian exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth”

    Noted for what? The only thing I’ve noted him for is being a credulous loon.

  2. “Found guilty of sorcery”. Really? And we embrace this country as an ally?

    Also, “Satan behind media attacks”. Really? And the UK will soon spend millions to welcome and protect these loons for their upcoming visit.

    And then we have this home-grown nut job killing a doctor in the name of his god (for something his bible doesn’t even mention).

    It is 2010, and the world is filled with belief in magic and superstition, and people are suffering and dying because of it.

  3. I agree, Mark Hall. I did clinic defense about 20 years ago and in those days the FBI used to warn us that many anti abortion groups were officially considered terrorists by the FBI (these were the days when clinics were bombed).

  4. Father Gabriele Amorth is actually an infiltrated secularist trying to destroy the RCC from the inside, right? I mean, that’s the only explanation that makes sense. Either that, or he has lived a sheltered life, totally oblivious to anything that happens in the world… Oh. I see.

  5. If the devil is behind the reports of child rape, child rape coverup and the church thinking that doctrine is more important the child rape does that mean god is behind the child rape? If the devil opposes everything god does then the devil would want to expose the fact that god favors child rape.

  6. Whenever we talk about the various outgrowths of radical x-tian theology, we should be reminded somehow of the variety of attacks we get from the same sources.

    The Discovery Institute’s reason for being is biblical reconstructionism. It provides validation for violence and the murder of Dr. Tiller as well. I suppose R. J. Rushdoony may not have wanted his followers to murder, but he certainly did want them to remove natural selection from schools as a prelude to recovering the biblical underpinnings of the U.S. (A fantasy.)

  7. Agree with Mark Hall. He is a domestic terrorist and a common murderer. I hope he rots in prison and in the Hell he so fervently believes in … for others, of course.

  8. From the abortion article, “Sedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert could have allowed Roeder to come up for parole after 25 years but gave him the harsher sentence because he shot Tiller in church and stalked him for years before.” — Say what?! So it’s especially horrific because it was in a CHURCH?? Fucksake. It’s a horrendous act, point, period, polkadot. The fact that it was in a church is irrelevant.

  9. How is it even possible to murder someone in a church? Shouldn’t Gawd have stopped him, since that’s where He hangs His Godly Hat?

    Just sayin’, what good are His 10 Suggestions if he can’t even enforce them in his own House? Where was the pillar of fire THAT day?

  10. Speaking as a New Zealander (colloquially a Kiwi), the article is off in describing the brown kiwi as “one of the world’s most endangered species.” According to Wikipedia, it is classified ‘endangered’ which is a level above ‘critically endangered’. While we certainly care about brown kiwis, it is the kakapo, takahe, taiko and Chatham Islands black robin (brought back from a population of 5) which come to mind as NZ’s most endangered species. (At least, they come to my mind.)

    And yes, they are really cute. (Although you have to be really dedicated to see one in the wild: they’re shy, nocturnal and live in dense bush. I’ve heard but never seen wild kiwi.)

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