Skepchick Quickies 4.16


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. As to the Dilbert, that’s pretty rich from a guy who believes that writing down affirmations changed the score on his GRE, is responsible for his professional success and keeps his car from getting dings in grocery store parking lots. Not to mention a whole lot of other bullshit about topics ranging from gravity to evolution to… oh forget it.

  2. I propose that to fill the vacancy left by the National Day of Prayer the day be nominated the National Day of Wii Fit Induced Nymphomania!

    Recommended dress code: Sporty version of Atheist Barbie (to be ready for any surprise orgies, of course).
    BYOBL (bring your own baby-lunches)

  3. The national day of prayer supporters are lawyers, and yet their defense is “it’s a long standing tradition”. So was slavery, douche bags.

    Scott Adams claims not to be a creationist, but he is an evolution denier and believes in “affirmations”. So still a woo-infested tool to the core.

    Finally, spiders that eat frogs are just wrong. OTOH, frogs that turn into rubber balls as a defense mechanism…FTW

  4. The fact that Obama not only participates in, but defends the national day of prayer proves that he is just another christian looking to trample the 1st ammendment and force his religious morality on the nation. As far as the enforcement of christian values is concerned this pales in comparison to the Serve America Act and Civic Service Act which plan to indoctrinate the christian notions of sacrifice and service to others in the youth of our nation. Both acts were introduced by the Obama administration. If you are unfamiliar with these acts, I suggest you look them up. You will be disturbed.

  5. I am SOO happy they took out the national day of prayer- now we need to get out of the dollar bill! Of course on Facebook I hear all the Xians bitching about it and they’re all writing to Obama or whoever in gov’t. I hope they don’t bring it back!

  6. Driving drunk and getting pregnant on prom night is a tradition!

    Dog fighting is a tradition!

    Burning down Detroit on Devil’s Night is a tradition!

    Female genital mutilation is a tradition!

    Burning witches is a tradition!

  7. “Scott Adams claims not to be a creationist, but he is an evolution denier and believes in “affirmations”. So still a woo-infested tool to the core.”

    This seems odd to me as I remember an early Dilbert mocking affirmations. Specifically Dogbert wrote the affirmation “Dilbert Will Be Eaten By A Garden Snail” 1000 times.

  8. “Then again, I just got done reading a bunch of Tank Girl comics…”

    Wait…people READ Tank Girl? I always thought you just glanced at it and tripped out.

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