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Bonus Reader Rant! – Beth <3's Storage Space

Earlier this week, I posted our very first ever Reader Rant! Kevinf wrote an amazing article about his student, Jessie, and her journey through science. Reader Rants will be a weekly feature here on Skepchick.

Today I’m giving you a bonus Rant! Beth from Sinigami Sidhe, a computer scientist, submitted this love sonnet about storage space. Enjoy loving this!

Sonnet to Storage Space

Beth Crompton

When I was young I drew my love with care

In powdered etch-a-sketch aluminum

So easy to erase that in despair

I turned for storage to computerdom.

At first I tried to save my love in swap space

For preservation throughout pause, resume,

But frequent thrashing causes page faults.

Damn the fervor prefetching assumes!

Now flash disk storage turns my love to lust

While EC2 my lewd thought doth empower.

An instance virtual and sans disgust.

Comes on demand for 50 cents an hour*.

One day I’ll store my love without restriction

In the L1 cache (barring eviction).

*high memory on-demand instance, US-N Virginia, extra large Linux/Unix


accessed March 31

The Skepchick Reader Rants, posted every Wednesday at 3PM Eastern, is a feature where you, the Skepchick readers, get to tell the Skepchick community what you think about whatever you want!  To be considered, please submit an original rant, preferably unpublished anywhere else, to skepchick(at)skepchick(dot)org.


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