Skepchicon 2010 Update!

Now that Skepchicamp is under our belt, it’s time for me to start kicking it into high gear for Skepchicon. Things are moving along nicely, and I have a solid guest list put together, with many returning faces, and a few fresh ones. Greg Laden and Stephanie Zvan will be back, as well as our good friend Dr Pamela Gay, Skepchicks Bug Girl, Maria Walters, myself, and Surly Amy (who will be selling her wares in the dealer’s room). We are still working on getting Rebecca to join us. We’ll keep you posted on that one. PZ Myers will once again attempt to join us. If the Germans detain him again, we may have to send minions to teach them a lesson. I’m very excited to announce two new and very special guests: Debbie Goddard of CFI and science and media maven Jennifer Ouellette!

On the fundraising front, I have good news: A couple of awesome readers have come forward with very generous donations, and an offer to match your subsequent donations. Big thanks to all of those who have contributed already. We have $578 left to reach our goal, and from this point on, your donation dollars will count for twice as much thanks to this wonderful matching offer. So really, we’re just looking for another $289 from you guys. This money will mostly help us pay for airfare and hotel for our out of town guests, and what’s left will cover party supplies and decorations. Any help you can offer is very much appreciated.


As of the time of posting, the Sofitel still has rooms available. Continue to watch the Skepchicon page and our Facebook group for more information.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Dare I post a note on my blog pointing to your request for donations? Or will that just be me breaking the blogosphere again….

    I’ll think about it. In the meanwhile, thanks so much for all your excellent work on organizing this. I will be at your service to the extent possible, which should be a whole lot.

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