Skepchick Quickies 3.30


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Re: “Six Things…”
    I’m seriously glad that my wife is from bizarro land.
    Though she does sometimes chafe at my putting her in a sackcloth burka so I can have an intellectual conversation with her. Boobies distract my brain.

    Re: “Littlest Skepchick”
    Bookmarking this so I can inspire my daughter to be a good skeptical heathen. :)

  2. @Skept-artist: Well, O’Douche it is! With a name like that I’ll be sure to make an impression, especially after I go around telling all the women how butt ugly they are. Unfortunately, it’s going to be hard to avoid the inevitable punches to the face, especially when science is telling me I should never look directly at the woman I’m speaking to.

  3. @Mark Hall: Reckless endangerment, I think – and a lovely civil suit by parents whose too-young-to-be-vaccinated children came down with measles.

    I’m old enough to remember a time before the MMR vaccine – I had measles, myself – and to have had contemporaries who had polio. I remember my parents talking about what a relief it was when all those vaccines were developed and one didn’t have to watch helplessly as one’s child died of whooping cough or ended up in hospital suffering paralysis. This new anti-vax generation doesn’t have that experience. Even if there were a real connection with autism, I’d surely rather have a live autistic child than a dead “normal” one.

  4. Wow. The article on how to attract women was beyond stupid. I hate how it says “scientific studies show…” Jeez, shut up. You wouldn’t know a scientific study if it came up and bit you in the ass.

    The article on measles was just sad with all those sick kids/babies. Anti-vaxxers remind me of the parents that insist on sending their children to school with a fever or really bad cough “because you have to be there” and expose all the other students to whatever pathogen they have. Both kinds of people selfishly expose others to serious sicknesses, and then aren’t held accountable. Reckless endangerment charges sound appropriate.

  5. @Kelp Forest:

    Closer examination might show that the article on “how to attract women” (which it isn’t, really) is a comedy piece on a humor site written by a humor writer.

    Cut Cracked some slack. Their editor wrote a truly epic attack piece on Jenny McCarthy a few months ago.

  6. As for the littlest skepchick, I kind of feel bad that the parents missed an opportunity to teach her about improving methodology and blinding. The kid was pretty clever, I think you could expand that lesson quite a bit by messing with her experiment (in a fun way of course) and prodding the kid in the right direction (“just because the money adds up, doesn’t mean you were wrong, what are some other possibilities?”). I would even keep promoting the idea of the tooth fairy as true. I think we’re too quick to pat our kids on the back and too hesitant to fuck with them a little.

  7. Littlest Skeptic was great! My husband wondered the same thing when he was about 5. When he lost a tooth he didn’t tell his parents and put it under his pillow. When the tooth was still there the next morning he had his answer!

  8. Littlest Skepchick: What a wonderful story.

    I don’t think I was so skeptical at age 5. At age about 7 one night as I lay in bed, I thought “I don’t believe in ghosts and witches and magic. God is magic. That means I don’t believe in god.” (Yet at age 10 I believed in the Loch Ness Monster and the Amazing Kreskin.)

    Much much later I discovered that John Wesley (founder of the Methodists) agreed with part of my syllogism. He wrote something like “Giving up [belief in] witchcraft is, in effect, giving up the Bible.”

  9. Good thing I didn’t read the Cracked article 21 years ago. That’s when I met my wife at a folk dance event (strike 1), talked to her for 18 hours on the chartered bus home (strike 2), and I showed my interest for the whole ride (well, except when we fell asleep).

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