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AI: Curing Cash

I accidentally cured my family of having money. It’s true! At least based on the principles of homeopathy it’s true.

Quick homeoprimer: Homeopathy is medicine based on the idea that like cures like. If something is causing you to be ill, that same thing will cause your body to get better if you take it in small doses. It’s not all that crazy at this point. I mean, that’s what a vaccine is – curing mumps by giving a child a very very small dose of mumps for his body to fight off. But homeopathy requires the doses to be even smaller than what you get in a vaccine. And the smaller the dose, the stronger the medication. I know, that makes no sense! But homeopaths aren’t ridiculously stupid… see, while you’re diluting, you have to also shake the remedy. It’s the agitation that makes it stronger. Now it makes sense, right?

So based on this, I made a huge mistake! There are some coins in the bottom of my washing machine. I’ve left them there for a month, not even thinking about it! So now I’ve got money + lots of water + an automatic agitator and it’s being applied to the pockets of my family’s pants! I just used money to cure money! Now I’ll never get a job!

I need to start washing overdraft statements. And maybe slip some narcissus flowers into my kid’s sippy cup.

If you could cure any mundane problem using homeopathy what would you cure and what would you use to cure it?

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  1. if an extremely dilute amount of alcohol cured a hangover, I would be a happy man. I am not a heavy drinker, but I tend to have nasty, pukey hangovers that last all day when I get them. Definitely one of the reoccuring nuisances in my life.

  2. “I mean, that’s what a vaccine is – curing mumps by giving a child a very very small dose of mumps for his body to fight off.”

    Sorry I have to take issue with your choice of words here. Vaccines don’t cure diseases – they prevent them.

    I’m still thinking about what I’d cure…

  3. I’d help cure obesity by making homeopathic remedies using such dietary no-nos such as bad fats and high fructose corn syrup. Treat yourself with those, and your body will become “immune” to icky food stuff. (WARNING: may cause anal leakage)

    Next would be curing ignorance by hyper-diluting political pundits and fundamentalist religious leaders.

  4. Stupidity.

    Place Stupid Person (SP) into a sealable watertight vessel. Fill with water. Seal lid. Agitate until SP is completely dissolved in water. Dilute. Repeat.

  5. I would make sure to wash my clothes with no money in the washer. I will then agitate that “no money” until I a have a cure for the problem of “no money”. My only problem is in figuring out how to get a small enough amount of no money to start off the process. “Science” is frustratingly hard!

  6. @Pinkbunny: I was going to cure procrastination too, and since yours goes against the principle of like-cures-like, I feel I still can.
    I’ll take a tiny bit of procrastination and dilute it in vast amounts of work…
    But if I could actually do that I wouldn’t have this problem with procrastination in the first place…

  7. I would cure gullibility with a 30C dilution of “Essence of Oprah” ©. I would obtain the EoO by steeping an issue of O magazine a solution warmed by the glow of a TV tuned to the Oprah channel.

  8. @wurmfood: “I don’t suppose that means we could cure a lot of problems with small doses of Hanity, Coulter, and Beck?”

    I am not at all sure about this, but I think we aught to try, just to be certain. I will help with dividing them into doses.

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