A Very Gay Comment o’ the Week

Lots of Comment o’ the Week nominations this week but the crowd favorite was totally Magnus H., with this:

I am literally floored, gobsmacked, speechless.

I’m gay and have been a skeptic for about 10 years, since my late teens. Throughout this time James Randi has always been a personal hero for me. This is a very proud day. Mr. Randi’s courage and ceaseless, uncompromising intellectual honesty are a great inspiration.

I’m practically on the verge of tears right now. And no, not just because ‘he’s one of us’ or some such, but because things are REALLY actually changing in this country and gay people can finally be themselves for once. We don’t have to hide anymore. This means so much to me. I’m so happy for him.

*blubbers all over*


slightlymadscience said:

What? No comments about weaponized peppers? Bhut jolokia is cool stuff. My hometown even has a company called CaJohns that makes all sorts of sauces outta the stuff.

Okay, I can see how boobies could indeed distract one from that.

Wait. I had a “peanut butter cup” moment.
“Weaponized Boobies” That is all.

And jtradke said:

@mikerattlesnake: “Men, they drive like this: ‘dur dur dur, boobies’! But women, women drivers, they’re like ‘blah blah blah, feelings!’”

which made me snort tea out my nose.

Happy Friday!

bunny nom

Rebecca Watson

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  1. BUNNEH!

    This week has been a roller coaster of “OMG, people are insane and we’re all doomed,” and “hey, maybe there’s hope yet!”

  2. The bunneh’s cuteness is inversely porportional to its size. Since its squeeny (teeny and squeeze-worth), its cuteness is MASSIVE.

    It’s the Jupiter of cuteness!

  3. man, I wish bunnies were as awesome as they look. They are the most boring pets ever. All they do is eat indescriminately (OH YEAH, I BET THAT XBOX CONTROLLER CABLE WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS, YOU ADORABLE LITTLE ASSHOLE), shit, and get terrified.

  4. And as cute as that bunny is, I want to cuddle Magnus. Because his awesomeness is far greater than that bunny’s cute.

    But, if it’s an option, I’d like to hang out with both of them.

  5. I’ve been ranting at the Pope thread…and I just needed to take a happy bunny break. Just wanted to let people know I’m not a complete ogre.

  6. @Dale Husband: He seems to be quite active at the moment. I come across his screeds on quite a few science, skeptic, and atheism blogs.

    His activeness seems to come in bursts – some periods he only rants at his own blog, at other times he spams numerous blogs.

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