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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Yeah the first one is really about “people”

    “These people are smart and educated but delusional. Your husband doesn’t notice? Women would say ‘he loves me.’ I’d say, ‘Of course he loves you but do you think he’s just as attracted to you as when you were thinner?’ The delusions run so thick with this topic it’s unbelievable.”

    Lois men aren’t fat. Only fat women are fat.

  2. I love how that first link starts out good (“If you want to lose weight, you have to put your mind to it!”) and then goes horribly awry (“You fatty fat fat fat! You disgust me! You disgust your partner! Fat fat fatty fat fat!”))

  3. My fat and I can vouch for the fact that my sex life is amazing, while I tend to be a bit private about it, based on what I’ve heard from thin friends, I have sex more often, and have an easier time getting women. Maybe treating women with kindness, respect, and listening to them means more than how much I jog

  4. Back in the mid 90s, my ex and I were looking for a “special female friend” to join us. I was discussing this with some friends at work and a new employee overheard and was SHOCKED. Not that I was talking about sex, or threesomes, or anything like that. No, she was SHOCKED that fat women were even that interested in sex, let alone something kinky.

    I asked her if she really thought that fat women never wanted sex, and she stammered a lot but basically her reply came down to this: she was thin and so afraid of ever being fat that she assumed she’d have no positive body image if she were to get fat, therefore no fat women could have positive body images and would therefore not ever want sex, much less kinky sex.

    Well, sucks to be her, because we were only looking for another fat gal anyway, because half the point was to indulge my boob fetish. Never found the right friend, though, sadly…

    And now I write novels with sex in ’em. I even write while fat. I use Homer’s dialing wand. Stab stab stab…

  5. My wife is overweight, but I am quite attracted to her. For one thing, she has a beautiful face and a great smile. But also, over the years, I’ve come to appreciate her figure for what it is rather than comparing it to somebody’s ideal. I wouldn’t say that this appreciation is a fat fetish or anything since I also appreciate the beauty of thinner women. Rather, it’s a broadening of my tastes.

  6. @Pete Schult: Right on! I love the roundness that a full-figured woman has, but many of my friends still seem to think the “anorexic model” look is sexy, as do so many of the men’s magazines (what’s up with that?). Well, I’ve been with these unnaturally thin women and they’re just scary to look at up close. All bones and sharp angles. Give me soft and round over hard and boney, any day.

    Of course, if you’re just naturally thin I wouldn’t say fatten up, but I wouldn’t find you unattractive if you did.

  7. I seem to remember a recent study saying that fat women have more sex than skinny women. Or maybe it was fat people have more sex than skinny people. Can’t remember.

    I’m fattish (size 14/16), and trust me, I have a lot of fantastic sex. I get compliments. A lot. Because I’m really, um, enthusiastic and I have a lot of stamina.

    My current boyfriend is huge (bouncer size) and we’re having issues with the bed breaking. Lolz. I literally had to downgrade from the cheap Ikea frame to a box spring on the floor (which worked out well also because my new bedroom (recently moved) is tinnnny and I really need the extra space anyway).

    TMI, but it’s kind of hilarious.

  8. @Garrison22: You know… This, “Ewww, skinny women!” isn’t really any better than, “Eww, fat women!”

    How about “Women rock, at any size!”

    As a gal who is attracted to both men and women, I appreciate women of all sizes.

    Though, I must say, Kelly Clarkson is probably my ideal (at her chunkiest). She’s got a nice bum. I really like nice bums.

  9. @marilove: I don’t have a problem with *naturally* skinny women. If that is your genetics then so be it. What I do have a problem with is this supposedly “sexy” body type that is pushed by women’s and men’s magazines. Have you seen the women in most men’s magazines? They are *unnaturally* skinny, not necessarily by genetic design. This I find unattratcive. Naturally thin, fat, chunky, petite is all good.

    Oh, and Kelly Clarkson is hawt! :-)

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