Skepchick Quickies, 2.22


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  1. In the t-shirt story, I couldn’t believe how oily the principal was.

    He tried to place the blame on the kids, saying they weren’t comfortable being in a picture with that shirt. Even though the kid apparently wears it weekly and the yearbook advisor sent the photographer back for a new picture and they weren’t supposed to say why (that the photog did says volumes, I think).

    And that the e-mails the student wrote to the principal, vice principals and school superintendent were merely “an expression of opinion”, and didn’t merit response or action.

    The whole quote about opening up potential learning opportunities on First Amendments rights discussion made me want to slap him.

    Oh well, I guess Justin Surber is getting a life lesson on how irritating life can become when those above you are sanctimonious but don’t want to admit they are sanctimonious. Welcome to the real world.

  2. Oh, Cracked… I know that as not a 14-24 year old male, I should not think you are funny… so why do I have you bookmarked, and WHY do I find myself quoting Michael Swain at work (and why am I the only one laughing)?

    I also wish news writers had half as much common sense as the writer of this list.

  3. Off topic: Aside from Rebecca’s open letter in ’07 which is great, but doesn’t mention antivaxxers because it’s mostly from the pre Mccarthy era, what is the best Skepchick article on how turrible Oprah is with all her bunk promotion? I have family members that need serious dewooifying!

  4. I always wonder if being in clinical medicine “counts” as being in a scientific field. I hang out with so many “real” scientists (PhDs, bench researchers) that I tend to think of myself as more of a technician with a scientific hobby than as a scientist. I wonder if they’d accept my letter to my younger self?

    As far as the media giving quacks an outlet, it reminds me of that Dara O’Brain bit where he talks about having a dentist and a “toothiologist” on the news- hilarious.

    I’d be curious to know if there are any god/jesus t-shirts that required a photo reshoot. If they don’t allow any religious expression, it doesn’t bother me so much. But if, like I would suspect, jesus is just all right by them then I think there’s an issue.

  5. That kid is learning that students in US schools don’t have many civil rights. The way this country is trending, that may serve him well in his days ahead….

  6. @Magnus H.:
    I’m not sure about Skepchick articles, but Newsweek did a *great* article last year, focusing on the poor health advice that’s trumpeted on Oprah’s show.

    Also, the Science-Based Medicine blog has done a number of articles addressing specific claims made on Oprah’s show, if you’re trying to address something specific.

    Newsweek article…

  7. My favorite quote is “They want to present the best possible snapshot of life at Arlington High School.”

    My guess is that diversity isn’t considered to represent this school well. But I’m also sure plenty of kids wearing crosses didn’t have to retake pictures.

  8. Just as a note on the last link I’m not in a science field and I wrote a letter and they said it was good. (It was to little me who wanted to go into science and telling her she should have stuck with it.) So don’t be afraid to write even if you don’t fall under the headline jobs.

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