Lazily live blogging the Super Bowl. Well, sort of.

So, I’ve been sort of watching the Super Bowl on and off from the kitchen (I’m cooking Swedish meatballs, if you must know).  And when I say I’m watching the Super Bowl, I mostly mean that I’m watching the ads, which range from pop culture dreck and emotional manipulation (which makes me feel like an alien because I don’t usually watch commercial tv and completely don’t understand it), to occasionally funny random non sequitor humor, to moments of sheer brilliance.

This Bud Light ad stood out, for me:

Before you even start nitpicking, yes, there are many inaccuracies in it. Astronomers don’t wear lab coats, the telescope is used incorrectly, they were too stupid to realize that the asteroid was the size of a marble and therefore couldn’t destroy the planet…I know.

Regardless of all that pedantic crap, I think it’s kind of awesome that we now have a Super Bowl ad showing scientists having fun.

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  1. HEHEHEHE! Love it.

    Astronomers *should* wear lab coats. Just because I want one.

    But the biggest inconsistency… I don’t know a single astronomer that drinks Bud Light.

  2. @Nicole:

    But the biggest inconsistency… I don’t know a single astronomer that drinks Bud Light.

    of course, that pretty much goes without saying. i don’t think i’ve ever actually tried bud light. i had bud once in college, and that was so nasty i figured bud light must be even worse, so i never went there.

  3. T00 bad there weren’t more ads like that one, and less testosterone driven “be a man” ads. Or even ONE more of those ads, in the place of the Focus on the Family ad.

    …and I have to agree, astronomers are smart enough to pick a better beer than Bud Light.

  4. OK, well, I definitely did lol. It was pretty amusing to be honest. But I simply cannot resist! Just for the hell of it and because I’m bored, let’s count the cliches/misconceptions/inaccuracies.

    1.) Lights on in the observation dome while in use? (yet I can still see the stars through the dome shutters)

    2.) Instead of CCD detectors, scientists have taken to going back to direct eyepiece observations (in brightly lit rooms), ya know, for nostalgia’s sake.

    3.) Astrophysicist at computer is wearing protective goggles because…..they’re teh sexxay?

    4.) Labcoats worn presumably ’cause they also make you look smokin’ hot when you’re workin’ that manual Schmidt-Cassegrain.

    5.) Uhmmm erlenmeyer flasks and beakers filled with random colored liquids because…… I guess the set designer just couldn’t resist.

    6.) Zomg. They keep beer in the observatory fridge? Suhweet.

    7.) Over sized Saturn model with removable rings ’cause….they don’t wanna forget what it looks like?

    8.) Telescope slew rate specially modified to ridiculously high speed to accommodate mechanical bull mode feature during festivities?

    9.) Scientists rip off librarian glasses for make-out fest….. well…okay this actually would probably happen IRL.

    10.) Microscopic meteor at terminal velocity has enough momentum to retain incandescent heat all they way down to the ground?

  5. Bud Light had a bit of a Lost theme going. This commercial has Dr. Pierre Chang and another commercial appearing later on was a more direct parody of the show.

  6. An asteroid/meteor that size would not have just bounced off the telescope lens, either. Those things move freakin’ fast, don’t they? I’d think it would’ve shattered the lens for sure.

  7. On another note, wouldn’t it be awesome if there were an actual “Asteroid Alert Station”? Granted, there are organizations that do this more effectively as a collaborative effort, and there are issues with likelihood, etc, etc (boring responsible comment here) but I have a sense of drama goddamnit!

  8. I didn’t see this commercial as cool or interesting at all. I didn’t like it when I first saw it, and after thinking about it, I realized why. It says in a backhanded way:

    Scientists are wrong. Especially about the important stuff.

    Of course, that’s just my interpretation.

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