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Congratulations to pretty much all the Skepchick commenters this week for being really, really entertaining. Now that we’re cutting back on Afternoon Inquisitions, there is no prize this week but I’m happy to hear your recommendations for possible COTW prizes in the comments below.

I know this week’s winner will appreciate the fact that this is the first non-prize-winning COTW in ages. Well done, Expatria!


An urchin’s body is like a giant eye? Well, that kinda makes sense…

I mean, I always did feel like I was being watched when that chimbley sweep was around, cor blimey!

You know I’m a sucker for a Van Dykian accent.

Here are your runners-up:

Chasmosaur on forgiving and forgetting:

I’m 1/4 Sicilian…so I only hold grudges for 5 generations.

Gheist in response to an article that says “Fantasizing about sex gets more than just your juices flowing—it also boosts your analytical thinking skills”:

“Does that mean the religions are right and sexual fantasies do lead people from God?

delphi_ote on the same article:

Sweetheart, I need to debug this code. Could you give me a little strip tease?


@Lyvvie: “We aren’t in a Jane Austen novel.”

Crap, there goes my fantasy of participating in an Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman period-dress threeway.


Rebecca Watson

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