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When it comes to skepticism I’m just a girl who can’t say “no”.

If I’m asked, I’ll do it, even if I don’t have time to do it.

Which is why I’m off to a meeting today, instead of doing what I want to do, which is nothing.

This is not to say I don’t complain about all of this. Incessantly.

What can’t you say “no” to?

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  1. Alcohol.

    Also I can’t say “no” to debating people on various issues pertaining to my skeptical viewpoints, such as alternative medicine or evolution, provided they bring it up first.

    But mostly alcohol. I can definitely say “no” to rehab though.

  2. What can’t I say “no” to?

    Sex… But I don’t WANT to say no to sex, so it all works out…

    Seriously though, I have a hard time saying no to any friend in need. I am fully aware that I am probably being taken advantage of at times and sometimes I even catch myself bitching about it while I’m helping the person (something I try not to do because I see that as terribly uncool)

    If the one who needs help also happens to also be female between the ages of 20 and around 45 then I am completely without willpower and can be ruthlessly used for a variety of unpleasant tasks simply by being asked nicely.

    I fully accept and welcome this part of my personality because I really do get a kick out of helping people and seeing them happy (especially my friends). It is a reputation I am proud to cultivate……. and also the extremely rare instances where this actually does lead to sex totally makes up for all the other times where I’m not even thanked.

    So I am content.

  3. Anything. Specifically interesting-sounding projects at work, or outside of work… wherever. And yet I still complain about my lack of free time as well ;-)

    Slowly, slowly learning to say no, for my sanity.

  4. Oh and I really can’t say no to Spaghetti or Rum & Coke.

    I found out late in life that some people actually don’t eat spaghetti… urgh…. How could civilization possibly go on without spaghetti??

    That’s just too horrible to contemplate.

  5. I have trouble saying no to my boss. Which usually ends with me doing overtime.

    I also have trouble saying no to friends and family, especially friends in need of help.

    On a lighter note, I have trouble saying no to coffee and sweets. Candy, cookies, cakes. Who can live without them?

  6. I have had to learn to say no. I want to do everything asked of me, for example marketing or PR for projects I think are cool, etc, but I just plain old can’t fit everything in. I end up letting people down and that’s sucky for one’s reputation. Tis better to say no and suggest others who might be able to help.

    The other thing I’ve learned over the years is that doing free stuff is almost always not worth it. You either get messed about or your work isn’t respected, as though it’s worth what they paid for it (nothing). Hence, I almost never do anything for free now. The only people who get freebies from me are good friends or charities I really want to support, but that’s usually on a professional basis (e.g. they have a contract with my company but the invoice just says zero).

    Learning to say no is very liberating, and also often good for the project. Far better to have someone who actually has the time, than to have someone who wants to do it but can only put half an effort. Excellent example: I was asked to do the PR for the 10:23 campaign. I would have loved to, but simply didn’t have time, so I said as much but sent some notes and bits of advice and wished them well. They then invited Martin Robbins to do it. Martin is not a PR professional, but my goodness did he throw his heart and soul and brains into it. The result of his efforts (which I assume took up far more of his time than I would have been able to give to it) resulted in national press coverage and he now has a column in the Guardian newspaper.

    I am very glad I said no, for the sake of 10:23 and for Martin’s sake. I’d have given it minimum time and effort and I think if you know that up front, it’s only fair to say no, however reluctantly.

    As to what I can’t say no to…I can’t say no to my family, whatever they ask of me. I can’t say no to that last bit of chocolate, even though I’m dieting. I can’t say no when the cat wants attention even when I have deadlines, and I can’t say no to the people who have said yes to me in the past, because without those people I wouldn’t be in such a fortune position professionally.

  7. I don’t know if I can’t say “no” to arguing against faulty logic, bad assumptions, or stupid assertions — but it is hard to resist. I doubt that this is one of my more endearing traits.

  8. White cheddar popcorn. Smartfood, Old Dutch – I don’t care. “Crab”/Old Bay Potato Chips as well. They are like crack to me.

    Which is funny, ’cause I say no to drugs…

  9. Just about anything my friends ask of me.

    I have a very small, close group of friends, and they usually don’t ask a whole lot, so I often times will go out of my way to accommodate them.

    I’ve even stripped for a few on request (well, okay, so it was in a game of strip poker, and I lost).

    Believe me, when you have such a small, close group of friends, even stripping naked for them isn’t a completely outrageous request.

  10. Cinnamon buns. I’d go in a stranger’s car if he told be there were cinnamon buns in there.

    My problem is not being able to say yes. Friends offer me rides and I say no, even if it’s raining, folks offer me coffee and I say no even though I should go have a coffee and a chat. I keep thinking it’s better to be independent, but I say no so much I alienate myself. That’s why my new year resolution was to say “yes” more often. I need to be a bit more sociable and less of a troglodyte, lonely bitch.

  11. Myself when I pose questions in the form of “Let’s do something other than work.” I’m doing that right now.

    I’ve gotten better at not saying yes to added responsibility, which is good, since, as I show above, I’m not a very responsible person.

  12. I can’t say “no” to myself when I grow outraged by something bad for people with disabilities. Thus, I write or say outrageous things and sometimes lose friends before I can retract.

    I can’t say “no” to my dog when he gives me the, “please let’s go for a walk to the park,” whine.

    I can’t say “no” to things my nieces and nephews when they want something I can provide.
    I can’t say “no” to my mother-in-law’s chocolate chunk cookies.

  13. Can’t say “no” to pizza, a nice kitty cat, Doctor Who DVD offers (which is how I got season 4), debating moon hoax believers, and trips to the visitor centers at KSC (despite having been their at least 3 times).

  14. Hi there!

    I have an extremely tough time saying “No”. It usually depends on how the request is worded. If someone ORDERS me to do something, I’ll usually agree, and then procrastinate to the point where it’s overdue and the person regrets ever asking me. If someone POLITELY asks me to do something, I’ll do it right away, and half the time wonder why *I* ever agree to it.

    It’s also nearly impossible for me to turn down warm friendly kisses from a member of the opposite sex. This gets me in trouble with the wifey, usually. :(

  15. @swordsbane: “Sex… But I don’t WANT to say no to sex, so it all works out…”
    Me, too. Small world, huh? ;-)

    @infinitemonkey: “I can’t like a question go unanswered. If I know the answer, I have to answer it. If I don’t know the answer, I have to find it.”

    This is totally me, to the point of sleepless nights and ignoring phone calls. It drives my friends nuts, but they always come to me for the answers. I’m the answer man. I should definitely go on Jeopardy!

    I also can’t say no to food…especially pizza, hot wings, Memphis (dry rub) ribs, Indian food, and Thai food. But most of all – chicken parm. Oh man, now I want some chicken parm, or pizza, or hot wi…

    Out to lunch.

  16. Definitely anything involving chocolate or coconut. Midnight snacks have this weird power over me; I can’t say no to them. Also, if there is a song I like at the moment, I can’t resist going back to it over and over again, at the exclusion of other music unfortunately.

    Oh, and I almost forgot the most important one, anything free!As long as it’s not some infomercial-ish scam of course.

  17. Free cake.
    No really, since before xmas I’ve stopped buying cake and sweets for myself, but I can’t say no when someone else is buying. And at my work somebody buys cake at least three times week. Yesterday one guy brought cake because he’s going down to part-time, and today we have cake because it’s a section meeting.

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