AI: Dar wins!

Dead simple question today, as it’s Friday, Darwin day, and art day! Earlier, Rebecca posted the Darwin Day art that some of us had mine (I would say MINE is the best but they are all brilliant. DC Turner’s interactive musical beard is my favourite but only because it features Chuck Norris). You might remember last year Richard Wiseman created a Darwin illusion, and Google had a special logo. Think Geek made a weird monkey cake. They also sell this brilliant evolution playset.

This video is currently doing the rounds, a “brief history of everything” flipbook by a student. It is all kinds of awesome.

I love all this stuff. Evolution gets a bad press because of idiots, and these sorts of celebrations help to show creationist society that evolution is not “just a theory”, at least, not for their value of “theory”.

Which is your favourite Darwin or evolution-related internet thingy ?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. @Expatria: @Tracy King: Thanks for the geekgasm! Oh Seaquest, how I still love you…

    Completely random, but I think Gabriel Brawley’s avatar might be at the top of my favorite Darwin thingies. Maybe its the old man profile espousing Gabriel’s brain… or maybe I just like the colors.

  2. M y 4 year old had a great time pulling stuff out of Darwin’s beard, just as I did earlier in the day. I was most amused by Chuck Norris, she was most amused by the banana.

    But the Brief History of Everything just rocked my world. So much fun, so deliciously nerdy…

    I propose a new religion along the lines of the Great Green Arkleseizure but instead now we can live in fear of the coming of the giant Python foot.

  3. @Ashley.Ele: You know, I’ve always liked Gabriel’s avatar as well. I think it’s the colors (and of course the content).
    But I think my favorite Evo-flavored tidbit is still Ray Comfort’s “Banana” video. It’s just so damn funny. I must have watched it 10 times when I first discovered it.

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