Skepchick Quickies, 1.6


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  1. “Six arrested in Indonesia for ’sexy dancing.’ (From Steve. Who was not one of the six. As far as we know.)”

    No, no one’s ever accused me of that.

  2. (RE: sexy dancing) I think one of the most important areas we need to make progress in as a society is general opposition to theocracy. More than encouraging democracy, I think the importance of secular government needs to be stated clearly and at any opportunity by those with influence (including politicians and moderate religious leaders). Unfortunately that means pissing off christians, muslims and jews, and most politicians don’t want to do that; the irony being that thocracy is bad for religion and government.

  3. @Zapski:

    That article doesn’t make much sense. The older males would have no evolutionary incentive to signal that they are old in that way. Moreover, this seems to be assuming that young females will always have an evolutionary incentive not to procreate with older males, which in many societies won’t be the case.

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