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  1. Speaking of Gay Marriage, this whole Prop 8 trial is going to give me ulcers!

    http://prop8trialtracker.com seems to be doing a great job of live blogging the trial, if anyone is interested in keeping up with the proceedings. I saw a lot of other “Prop 8 live blogging” during a google search, too.

    This is my “favorite” part from the pro-8 side:

    Judge Walker said if obama’s parents had lived in VA, their marriage would not have been legal.

    Cooper said, “race has never been a restriction” enshrined in marriage.

    People in the overflow room laughed.

    Judge asks how evidence will show that racial restrictions were different than LG.

    Cooper: Never an issue. Marriage was always between a man and woman. IT’s all about procreation.

    Judge: Is that the only reason for marriage?

    Cooper: “Pro-child” institution.

    People laughed again.

    Judge: Are the other values of marriage, such as companionship, secondary?

    Cooper: Evidence will show that marriage will be de-institutionalized.

    Judge: What is evidence going to show to support that?

    Cooper: Our expert, Mr. Blackenhorn will show that the preponderance of historical and social leaders agree that this the naturally procreation sexual act that is protected, that it’s pro-child.


    The judge is way too smart for the “pro-child” crap, from what I can tell. Also, Ted Olson (!) is kicking some serious ass.

    I have high hopes. Let’s hope they aren’t crushed.

  2. Orac didn’t say too much in that thread, and PalMD seems to be taking the lion’s share of the load. But the questionable doctor just keeps going on and on….his Adidas must be FULL of bullet holes by now!

    As the time of me writing this, the guy wrote something less than an hour ago….and he is MAD! (and is behaving like every other childish, greedy professional who tries to invent their own loopholes in systems that are too smart for them)

  3. Loved the breast cancer comic.

    I hate pink! It infantilizes women. Stop buying all that pink packaged crap and send the money to those foundations that promote education and research.

  4. In summary: Gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage by not being allowed.


    I love the ‘gayz kant half teh chilldrunz” argument. I propose we give every marriage a probationary period of 3 years to produce kids. If no pregnancies resulting in live births have occurred, then the marriage must be dissolved unless medical records documenting infertility are submitted AND both parties sign affidavits stating that they will either continue to pursue a pregnancy or begin adoption proceedings within 3 months.

  5. @Elyse: Also, the race stuff. I mean really, Cooper? REALLY?

    The laughing is what gets to me. People know he’s spewing bullshit.

    If you read through the reast of it, you’ll get the feeling that the Judge also knows he’s spewing bullshit. This Judge Vaughn R. Walker dude is smart.

    Also, what’s kind of funny is that I know more gay people with children than I know hetero people with children.

  6. I wonder about the Judge… did he maybe remarry late in life, to a post-menopausal woman, making the “Marriage is about babies” argument seem a bit specious in his eyes?

    Gods, I hope this trial goes well, and the pro-tyranny forces look foolish.

  7. @Mark Hall: I was wondering about that too. There’s also the very real possibility that he knows married hetero people who don’t have children, for whatever reason. Indeed, Cooper and the rest of the pro-8s probably know people like that, too, but choose to ignore it because it doesn’t fit their argument.

    I’m also betting the Judge knows gay people, perhaps in his own family.

    Either way, he’s asking a LOT of questions, and so far, they seem to be the right ones.

  8. @Elyse: whoa, whoa, whoa… stop right there.

    You’re going to allow adoption for infertile couples? What’s to stop gay people from asking for the same rights?

    3 years, no baby (genetically related to both parents), marriage annulled.

    So far the prop 8 folks have provided a good argument for that clause but nothing as far as a decent rational opposition to gay marriage.

  9. @JamieF: I think this trial might be what sways a lot of the fence-sitters. Or at least I can hope.

    Mr. Blackenhorn will show that the preponderance of historical and social leaders agree that this the naturally procreation sexual act that is protected, that it’s pro-child.

    Guys, I had no idea that marriage was a sexual act!

  10. @mikerattlesnake:

    Because the infertile couple has to have medically documented their attempts at heterosex. A homogay couple can’t do that. They never even tried!

    Besides if you require all families to have their own kids, who is going to adopt the precious snowflake children? All those embryos will never be born… or worse! They’ll CURE PARKINSONS!

  11. @marilove: The only way that could be more hilariously awkward is if the judge then said, “I’ve been happily married for 20 years. I am sterile.”

    I’d love to see the look on the defender’s face then.

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