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So, things have gotten a bit heavy around here, and frankly, I need to take a step back and just have some light fun with today’s AI. Tim3P0 and I have been trying to think of good costumes for Convergence and DragonCon. The theme for this year’s Convergence is “Bring on the Bad Guys”, so evil characters are especially interesting.

Who should we be?  What are some of your favorite costumes you’ve seen or worn in the past?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. Best costume I saw this Halloween was The Grim Reaper! The thing that made it really scary was that the guy was wearing drywall stilts so he was eight feet tall. It was a great costume, but a drag for the wearer. He couldn’t drink while on the stilts and he couldn’t hear anyone way up there under the mask, but it was scary as hell.

  2. Back in my youth, I was the Queen of Air and Darkness. Before the world got so paranoid, I went as Lady Death, in black and strung with a variety of weapons, some real, some from the prop department. Walking down the street with a crossbow strapped to my back probably wouldn’t be a good idea nowadays.

  3. One (or both!) of you should go as Dr. Horrible.

    Or, you know, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. They qualify as bad guys.

  4. I’ve seen some cool ones, and done some cool ones myself. I was Captain Morgan my sophomore year of college, back when I had long hair and the goatee and such. Last Halloween I was Che Guevara. My hair and beard were about right at the time as well. I thought it was rather epic.

  5. A few days before last Halloween I was telling a friend of mine how if you wear glasses it makes picking a costume more difficult. Masks are usually out of the question and if you dress up as a character that doesn’t wear glasses they totally spoil the effect.

    So I told my friend “If i were to dress up as Superman no one would know if i was Superman or Clark K….wait a minute”.

    And at that exact moment i came up with my Halloween costume idea.×150/558×800/98×70/278×250/0/6370695142071352182.jpeg

  6. @CaveGal: Best costume I saw this Halloween was The Grim Reaper!

    I saw a guy dress up as a Blackberry with 666 as the number paged. He was the Grim Beeper. I don’t think anyone got it, but I liked it.

  7. I succesfully dressed as a Dalek one year when I was a teenager. However, I live in California, so nobody recognized what it was.

    The last few times I have had to dress up, I simply put on my normal field clothes, added a fedora and a leather jacket, and voila: Indiana Jones – it helps that I am often stubbly from disinterest in shaving.

    Some friends of mine and I have talked about having each of us dress as a different one of the Doctors – I’d probably end up as the fifth or the ninth.

  8. I am going to try & put together a Dr. Horrible style lab coat in purple, & go as my alter ego, the Evil Overlord of Coffee. I think the Droids ought to go as Dr. Victoria von Frankenstein, and her creation, Husband of Frankenstein – the horror, the horror…

  9. The Mystery Gang might be fun but you’d need 2 more people and no one ever wants to be Fred.

    Or how about the “other” parents from Coraline?

  10. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but in my early teens I sort of admired Hitler and dressed up as him for Halloween one year. He’s certainly evil enough but maybe too real.

    My favorite costume that I’ve done was a team effort with my wife one Halloween. She wore sandwich boards decorated to make her the ace of spades, and I dressed as Hugh Hefner (bathrobe for smoking jacket and a drink in my hand). The party was garden themed, so we were there as a rake and a spade. One woman at the party was all tarted up and had done her hair to look frosted; she was whore frost.

  11. The Pope – both of you.

    There is a legend of a female pope (Pope Joan) in the middle ages, that is related to another story that the induction (hazing?) process for new popes require them to sit in a seatless chair while someone verifies the new pope has the requisite male bits that “qualify” them for the job. I’ve always wondered how they select the person who’s doing the verification……?

    Sorry about the mental images there.

  12. There is one couple in my department who have had some pretty stellar (pun-intended) costumes:

    Ms. Frizzle & the Magic Schoolbus

    A telescope & the astronomy software control window (ds9 and an xterm, for those familiar)

    A nerd & his fembot

    Don’t think any of those qualify for “bad guys” though…

  13. So I’m not the only one thinking about costumes for CONvergence :D
    I still haven’t come up with a good idea either BTW…

    To whoever suggested Dr. Horrible, there were already about 4 of them wandering around last year. At least, those were the ones easily recognisable as being dressed up as Dr. Horrible.

  14. I prefer a costume with some schtick, so I come up with bad puns:

    Death of Computers (kinda from Discworld, general death costume with a mask painted with chips for eyes and mouth, carrying a scythe painted like a magnet)

    Klingon Tech Writer (with the Keyboard of Kahless)

    Barbie Ringwraith (Barbie as one of the Nine Riders)

    There’s gotta be a good costume idea from the AntiVax movement…

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