Skepchick Quickies 12.29


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. There’s an old parody of the mystery genre that I love, and it points out things like what has been described in the review. Plot twists that don’t make any sense, characters in the final scene that were never in the book/movie before, and referencing clues that were never mentioned….Only to commit these atrocities itself.

    Its either called “Killed to Death”, or Death by Murder”, or something. It has a young ST:FC Zefram Concran and Ms. Gongonagal from the HP series.

  2. What was that product (I think they showed it on brainiacs) that essentially had all the side-effects of alcohol (on motor skills anyway), but without the buzz, and it could be completely neutralized within minutes with a simple shot of whatever “the antidote” was?

    Although I think the main disadvantage of brainiac’s synthehol was the fact it had to be administered intravenously. And the antidote too.

  3. On the synthehol – every time I read about this, the first thing to come to mind is an old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie. Hudson is a playboy ad exec who has to cover his ass by getting a mad scientist to create a product called Vip. Hudson had made a bunch of sexy, fake commercials for Vip using a dumb blond actress he was seducing, which his boss (Tony Randall) thought were real and put on TV. The scientist came up with a “ten-cent drunk”. A candy that had no taste of alcohol but could get you drunk real fast.

    As a homage, I think they should market it as Vip – and use those commercials.

  4. My question about “synthehol-like” products is whether they would create psychological dependence like what is seen in some drug and alcohol abuse cases.

  5. I guess I just don’t understand the phrase “get you buzzed but not drunk.” Isn’t that like “get you laid but not off.” ?

    And don’t we already have this? It’s called light beer.

  6. O.T.

    on holiday this week and am listening to the Feynman lectures from N.Z.

    damn, been a fotographer for 45 years or so… and i seem to have known quantum chromodynamics…

    who’d a thunk it?

  7. Hey this post is to ask if anyone has any further info on some things I gleaned reading comments on Dr. Harriet Hall’s article. How is that for roundabout?
    A couple of people pointed to a website Saveyourself.ca. So I went and found it interesting….a massage therapist using science. How unique.
    But then I read the article where he got very down on SSRI drugs and I became slightly skeptical…as it reminded me of Scientology.
    But then, I don’t know tons about them (I have friends who have seemed to be helped but that is anecdotal).
    The website author cited Dr. David Healy a lot and so I have now looked him up and am reading about him.

    What my long comment is asking is….does anyone know of any good info about SSRI’s, Dr. David Healy, etc? I want to learn about this with as open a mind as possible. But not so open that the brain falls out and is devoured by zombies.

    If anyone can lead me down the path I would appreciate it. And yes, I’m gonna email Dr. Harriet Hall too because she is awesome.

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