Icelandic Elf Sex

Props to my Icelandic friend Hjalti, aka Captain Awesome, for sending me this intriguing look at the national pastime:

“I think it will make the world a better place, if more people have sex with elves, basically.”

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Found this lady’s blog… even more disturbing.
    From her post on Friday, June 16, 2006:
    “Just go into the garden behind the building and sit in the grass or on a bench and there are good chances an ELF will aproach you. Be sure though not to confuse the bums that sometimes hang out there with elves…”

  2. Oooo! They are tall and beautiful and their skin emits light. I think she is channeling Stephanie Meyer.

  3. Aw, I’m bummed out to find out its woo. When I saw the “Please yoursELF” cover before the video started I was thinking they were trying to promote pleasing your sElf.

  4. I think there’s something about Iceland that makes people go fucked in the head. Look at Björk.

    Same thing with Alaska.
    Maybe it’s the cold. Or the snow.

  5. So if I’m walking around in nature and some dude appears, saying dirty things, I should get up on his shoulders and let him perform oral sex? Interesting concept. Does he have his own dental dam, or do I need to carry one consistently?

  6. I keep waiting for the mouse-over to reveal the joke I missed, but alas, I fear Randall Munroe had no hand in this …

  7. @Steve:
    Oddly enough, neither nor are registered.

    That genuinly surprises me.
    More so because this circumvents the typical confusion between the meaning of “fantasy” in literature and games and the rather unspecific meaning used in porn. (Or rather, accidentally stumbling upon stuff you weren’t really looking for when searching for “fantasy creatures” or something, or worse, “fantasy costumes”, yikes!)

    It has to be someone‘s fetish …

  8. @Chelsea:

    Yes. Let him. He probably has a built in dental dam because he’s an elf who is always having oral sex anyway.

    But remember: don’t ask to pee on him. Elves think that’s weird. Which is good advice since, being human, I’m ALWAYS asking people if I can pee on them when I meet them in the middle of a field and just start having sex.

    I’m sure this girl’s mother is very proud.

  9. I don’t want to come across as sexist but this woman looks perfectly attractive, albeit crazy, to me. Can she really have trouble finding someone non-mythical to have sex with?

    I had heard Japan was having trouble with men not wanting to be masculine enough and now I hear that apparently Icelandic women are having to turn to elves to get their jollies. Based on gender statistics I didn’t think we had a crisis of penis but apparently we do.

    Our government should look into some kind of sexual stimulus program. Enzyte for everyone!

  10. I think it will make the world a better place, if more people have sex with elves, basically.

    If these elves look like Liv Tyler, then I’m in.

  11. Somehow I picture this woman, high on everything the Icelandic corner street pharmacist has to offer being violated by a Hobo….

  12. I reposted this on a message board. One member responded with

    “I swear… you sttep foot in iceland and suddenly you become at least moderately attractive, and you become this overwhelming nympho freak.”

  13. Elf costume rental: $80
    Plane ticket to Iceland: $700
    Tundra elf-sex with crazy Icelandic hottie: priceless

  14. That’s hottest woman I’ve ever seen, saying the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    My penis and my brain are fighting.

  15. Let me tell you about my elf experience. Once I dated a guy who was 6″ shorter than me…

    Yup, that’s it. Yes, it felt like dating an elf, and I felt like an AMAZON! =D It lasted about 3 weeks.

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