COTW: Way of the Banana Master

Rebecca is drunk* again, so I’ll be your substitute Skepchick for this week’s edition of Comment of the Week.  I have no prize to offer, because Rebecca was drunk* on Wednesday and forgot to post wet_bread’s Afternoon Inquisition, so he’ll get next Wednesday’s AI, and this weeks winner will have to settle for the esteem and respect of the Skepchicks.

A few honorable mentions:

In the comments to this post by Rebecca, reminding us yet again why we love David Tennant (besides the fact that he is sex on a stick), some fun banter began over whether or not people can or should understand different accents, and if Tennant’s Scottish accent deserved the subtitles Rebecca added to the video.

DaveW asked,

I’m still looking for a translation of “Fyke oof ya gobshite.”

To which James Fox adeptly responded,  

@davew: We are not receiving company today.

In response to an article about misuse of science terms in the Quickies on Wednesday, Imyrr quipped, 

Jen, the aura of your link to the science terminology abuse article appears to be filled with harmful toxic energy. I suggest homeopathic treatment, or getting rid of those two extraneous quotation marks at the end of the link :)

By popular demand, and in spite of Elyse’s protests to the contrary, this week’s COTW goes to everyone’s favorite drunken poster, Gabriel Brawley, who took a Quickie story about Ray Comfort’s plagiarism of his introduction to Darwin and turned it very, very dirty:

Way of the Master

Staring Kirk Cameron as “The Apprentice”

and Ray “Bananna Man” Comfort as “The Master”

More hot christian on christian love than has ever been on the screen before.

You will believe that a banana is made for his mouth.

Easter 2010

Good work, Gabe, you’ve well and truly disturbed us all.

* When we say Rebecca was drunk, what we usually mean is that she was too busy working her ass off in the name of skepticism to remember the little things on her to do list.  Usually.

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  1. carr2d2:

    When we say Rebecca was drunk, what we usually mean is that she was too busy working her ass off in the name of skepticism to remember the little things on her to do list. Usually.

    I am going to use this the next time I have forgotten something at work. Thank You.

  2. And when we say “busy working her ass off in the name of skepticism to remember the little things on her to do list” we mean drunk and/or doing those weird things that only hookers and newlyweds do.

  3. @Elyse: i agree, though with a bit more of that Gabriel flair. maybe done like Doctor Seuse?

    Do you like your Boobies in a house?
    Do you like your Boobies filling up a blouse?
    Do you like your Boobies here and there?
    Do you like your Boobies anywhere?

    …and on that mature set of questions and totally non-sarcastic note…i actually have no idea.

  4. @Tim3P0: (more maturity)
    Every Boob Down in Boobville Liked Boobies a lot…
    But the Grinch,Who lived just north of Boobville, Did NOT!
    The Grinch hated Boobies The whole Boobie season!
    Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
    It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.
    It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
    But I think that the most likely reason of all,
    May have been that his willie was two sizes too small.

  5. @James Fox:
    …But something happens that the Grinch not foresee,
    that despite all his foils there was not a single sad Boobie.
    It was in this moment while Boobville was in his eyes,
    that the powers of all the Boobs created magic near his thighs.
    The Boobs huddled together round the tree in song and dance,
    as the Grinch found his willie grow three sizes larger in his red Grinchy pants.

  6. @Tim3P0: …
    Now Max had observed this whole sordid affair
    And seeing the Grinch grow Max tried not to stare.
    The faithful dog knew it was time that he fled.
    Or the Grinch would soon ride him and not the sled.

  7. @James Fox:

    As Max hurridly ran down the hill,
    he soon found warmth and safety with the Boobs of Boobville.
    The Grinch realized he was now alone as Max ignored his calls,
    leaving poor the Grinch with the holiday blue balls.
    With frown on his face and with no plans in sight,
    a gusty wind brings a Skepchick calendar much to his grinchy delight.

  8. @Tim3P0: …
    The Grinch fumbled and unfolded the glossy delight
    Knowing his pressure would soon take flight
    Turning each page with slow Grinch anticipation
    Finding the joy of guilt free holiday masturbation.

  9. @James Fox:

    Flipping thru the each month with his green Grinchy hands,
    the Grinch found himself pleased with his new holiday plans,
    The boobs down in Boobville now less stressed and more jolly,
    paused their singing in order to give their full attention to GabrielBrawley.
    As each boob in Boobville nuzzles his ear,
    each wishing Gabriel a happy holidays and a happy Boob Year.

  10. I’m not sure why there’s all this sexualization of a seabird. Sure boobies are cute but they aren’t that bright. Ravens and crows are much more clever. And African Grey Parrots can have extensive vocabs.

    Wait, what? That’s not the sort of Boobies they’re talking about? Oh. Never mind then.

  11. By Jesus’s hairy ballsack. I’m drunk again. I leave for vacation for a week and what happens? I can’t tell did I win or lose? Either way, thanks for calling me your favorite drunken poster. Because there are a lot of drunks here.

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