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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I am fuming over AFA’s comment about the Gap ad. I noticed this ad on Monday and I immediately posted it on my FB. I love that commercial and not just because my daughter is a cheerleader, but because it’s cute and happy and INCLUSIVE.
    Seriously–what could they possibly have against it?

  2. I saw the Gap ad last night and thought it was great. I want to buy something from the Gap but I don’t need any clothes. I might buy something just to support them. I love the line “What ever you wanaucka”

  3. Hating someone or a group for a position they do not have is one of the clearest sign of a bigot or racist.

    Hating the Gap because they don’t mention Christmas (when they do mention Christmas) shows that the hating didn’t follow the dissing of Christmas because the dissing of Christmas never happened.

    What did happen is that the bigots noticed that they feel hatred toward a group, and then they look around for explanations to justify why they feel such hatred and latch onto any fool reason, even if it is wrong.

    That is where all the comparisons of Obama to Hitler come from. The bigots hate Obama (because he is liberal, smart, articulate, honest, and black (all things that they are not)), and they hate him as much as they hate Hitler (because they are fucking racists), so they make the conclusion that Obama is just as bad as Hitler.

    This is what the birthers have done. The idea that a black man could be elected president is such a cognitive dissonance, that they would believe anything else, that Obama is a alien reptilian overlord makes more sense to them that a black man could be elected president.

  4. Poo water killing their babies… one more reason to hate pretentious assholes who think they’re better parents than you because they did it the “right way”.

    Fuck allz y’allz.

  5. If it was us atheists who were fighting “the war on christmas”, isn’t it odd that there’s somehow no “war on halloween” or a “war on easter”?

    I don’t think you need more proof than this that they are very much mistaken.

  6. I’d give birth into a stasis box. Then I’d go home, heal up, shoo the relatives off, take a few quick hits of scotch then embrace parenthood well rested and in a good frame of mind. I also might save that stasis box for a few vacations later on.

  7. Speaking only a foreign language with your kids at home is a good idea (something I intend to do once I have kids myself, if I find a girl who’ll go so far as to procreate with me).

    A colleague married a Spanish woman and speaks only Spanish at home. Their kid picked up the local Dutch language (including dialect words) in school, and much faster than you’d expect. She’s 6 now and pretty much bilingual.
    In other words, it doesn’t matter, they’ll learn all the language they need in school.

    Of course, it would make more sense to teach them a language that way which they can actually use later in life.

  8. I actually have always hated the Gap and Gap commercials -mostly because of the 8th grade hateful clone culture it created and the ostracism I endured because I did NOT shop there. And I continue to refuse to shop there. But this anecdote might sway me to at least not flip off the storefront each time I pass by… ;-)

    I’m printing out the “naughty & nice” list, though, as a guide of where to (naughty) and where not to (nice) shop this season… :-)

  9. Ah yes. A friend of mine from HS on facebook posted this with the accompanying shocked commentary. Then she complained that the other religions were trying to “steal” Christmas or something. When I pointed out that actually Christians swiped the mid-winter festivals of other religions she came back with something about them doing that to keep babies from being sacrificed. okaaaay.

    I also had to point out that Solstice was an astronomical event, and although them evil, evil, pagans celebrate on that night, there is nothing inherently witch-crafty about the actual Solstice.

  10. Love the Klingon article. Apparently this story is originally from about 10 years ago, and both the father and the son respond in the comments. Some of the other comments, however, are very scary. Child abuse? WTF.

    @exarch: Love the naughty store. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a pair of nipple rings.

  11. “Dad spoke to child only in Klingon for 3 years – It’s always good to start young with those important life skills.”

    You know the “child” in question is 15 now?

  12. Silliness – little kids are capable of learning several languages at once; no need to restrict them to one at a time. By age four, I spoke English, Norwegian and Arabic. [Born in an English-speaking country, Norwegian-speaking-only great grandmother, lived in Jordan whilst my father dug up pot sherds and other fun stuff.] My Offspring had picked up English, a fair amount of Japanese and reasonable Spanish by that age. [No Klingon, even tho’ his dad worked on Star Trek.]

    That GAP advert reminds me dreadfully of the “Go Twitches” chorus in the Twitches movie. [I was visiting friends whose daughters were watching raptly.] And where was the mention of Saturnalia? GAP is engaging in a war against Saturnalia! Boycott GAP!

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