Skepchick Quickies, 11.11


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. Sometimes I wish cell phones DID cause cancer. Then maybe people would put the damn things down and drive straight -or maybe just pay attention to the people with whom they are actually supposed to be interacting. Darn kids and their gadgets…

    I’m SO buying the action figures for my kids-in-law! Bonus: Darwin doubles as Randi, right? Right?

  2. I’d like to see an episode of House where the final diagnosis is psychogenic. I can just see House hiring an actor to administer a sham treatment to “cure” the patient.

  3. How about 3 more scientists and 8 skeptics, then we can have skeptical chess. Hmm….Hubbel, Miescher, and Wegener.

    Rebecca, Randi, Bernstein, Hrab, Shermer, Grothe, Swoopy, and Savage could be the pawns. The “named” pieces would be classified according to their field. Astronomy (king/queen), biology (knight), Physics (bishop), and Geology (rook).

  4. Thanks for posting about the “backwards-walking” cheerleader, Jen. I had seen the Youtube video of her when her bizarre story started circulating around the web recently, and, despite my ordinarily ferocious skepticism, I have to admit I was slightly unnerved by it. It’s nice to know the skeptical community has done its job once again.

  5. @Sam Ogden: @ekimbrough: http://www.leonardnimoyphotography.com/

    I suspect ekimbrough just made fatphobic comment regarding Leonard Lemoy’s hobby of taking beautiful photos celebrating the female form of women who aren’t stick-thin.

    I’m a size 14/16, btw, the low end of the women he photographs.

    Thanks for that, ekimbrough. It’s nice to know that seeing naked pictures of women that look an awful lot like me is so horrific.

  6. @marilove: No, I just don’t care for what I’ve seen of his photography in the past. I looked at the link you posted, and his more recent work is way better than his older work, so thanks for pointing me toward that.

    But have you seen the stuff he was putting out several years ago, when he was inexplicably getting more attention for his photography? The Helmut Newton satire was great, but a lot of what got everyone talking were mostly just random clusters of people standing about or sitting about under boring Photography 101 softbox lighting. Bleccch.

    The subjects weren’t the problem

  7. Fair enough, and I should have posted a more specific message to begin with because indeed some people have had a knee-jerk “nobody wants to see fat people” reaction to his photography.

    Besides, it would have been a hell of a lot funnier and less controversial if I had pointed out that Nimoy should be given the nerve pinch for his _singing_. Missed my best shot:


  8. @ekimbrough: Oh and I admit my reaction was a bit knee-jerk, but I’ve just heard, “ewwww, naked fat women!” too much, I guess. I should’ve asked before assuming, but then I wouldn’t be loling over his singing right now, would I?

  9. @marilove: More seriously, the earlier and most widely publicized fat-nudes photography came under some criticism that was deeper than “ewww fat!” Specifically, some asked whether his use of fat models became a gimmick, with not much substance offered beyond the gimmick. You’re not exactly celebrating or thoughtfully exploring a particular group if you’re using them as gimmicks. But in fairness to Nimoy, there are probably as many critics rejecting that criticism as there are are critics making it.

  10. @ekimbrough: From what I’ve seen, and from what I’ve read from him, it doesn’t seem to be a gimmick, but an honest appreciation of the form, and a desire to do something a lot of photography artists are afraid to do. But that’s definitely a fair question to ask/criticism to bring up, and not in the same line as “ewww naked fat women!”

    He doesn’t seem much like the gimmicky type, though.

  11. So I made the mistake of showing my husband the Science Action Figures. He worships Tesla. A set are on their way to us now…but that’s okay because I get Darwin :D

  12. Any person who would argue over whether the Prez (or any other person) is a geek or nerd must, themselves, be a geek or nerd.

    Sheldon’s Law
    (of Big Bang Theory, plus that’s my dad’s name, and he’s a geek of the highest level)

    Re: Science action figures: I like that on the blurb it says: “Carry this century’s most notable scientific minds in your pocket.”

    None of these scientists are from “this century.”


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