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I’m sorry I’ve been missing the Comment o’ the Week as my Fridays have been crazy, but I just read this comment from Elyse (who is a writer, and thus not eligible for COTW) and it made me laugh so hard and for so long that I had to highlight it:

For hundreds of years women have been going to their doctors, in tears, “Doctor! Please! PLEASE! Help me! I don’t have long enough lashes! I can’t stand the pain any longer! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!”

And until now, all the doctors could say is, “I’m sorry ma’am. Your condition is incurable.” Then turning to their husbands (if only they were so lucky with such a crippling deformity) sympathetically and asking them if there’s anything he could prescribe to make the suffering husband more comfortable…. knowing that there is nothing more painful and nauseating than having a hideously scarred wife.

Here are some more recent drops of commenty gold:

Vengeful Harridan (Elexina):

Band name: Instant Flaccidity and the Empurplements.

And from ages ago, my friend John insisted Yossarian get special mention for this:

Sneeze fetish? Wow. At least, I assume, there’s no need for any Astroglide.

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