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AI: body parts

I adore blue eyes on a man. (Okay…one man in particular…)

Forget the “they’re the windows to the soul” crap.  Blue eyes are exquisite. They’re sexy. They’re a deeply-penetrating-stare-at-me-while-you’re-on-top-of-me-and-let’s-share-DNA-growling-groaning-moaning-instant-multiple-orgasm kind of body part for me…

What body parts turn you on?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. I don’t know why but hands. You know the big-strong-but-still-soft-enough-not-to-catch-on-my-sweater (I know not as clever as yours but still) hands. I really don’t like delicate-I-don’t-use-these-for-real-work-hands though.

  2. Almost all of them. Provided they are feminine and in proportion with each other. But the eyes are definitely among the first parts I look at.

  3. I think I love different parts on different women. Aside from some of the obvious choices, I love a woman with a good smile, I should be clear that it really has nothing to do with quality of teeth (but nasty teeth are nasty), some women smile cute, others don’t

  4. I look at eyes first because that’s the polite thing to do when talking to someone, and I do appreciate a nice set of eyes, but I find a big pair of hands particularly attractive in a man. Or perhaps more accurately, it seems I find proportionally small hands or dainty wrists particularly unattractive.

    M’Hubby’s got nice big hands and they make me happy. :-)

  5. Back muscles. Not the over-the-top bodybuilder kind, but rather the well-defined ripples that come from swimming or other such activity. When she flexes them, you could strike a match on my wife’s back. Grrrrrrrr-freakin’-owl.

  6. I like a nice round behind. That’s why it upsets me so much that stupid people are wearing their pants at ass-level. How can I check out a guy’s rear when my view is obstructed by their pant waistline?
    Other than that, it’s pretty weird by I like a substantial schnoz. No button noses or anything, I actually think Adrian Brody is so cute. Usually a bit of a smaller nose though than his…

  7. @Old Geezer

    Just saying that is creepy of itself.

    So as you’ve spoiled your stated purpose already, you may as well spill the beans.


  8. Faces. I’m a sucker for an interesting face. Not necessarily the classic fashion model type but but a face that shows something going on in there. Next on the list is legs, long, slim, athletic legs…

    OK time for a cold shower.

  9. I have to agree with eyes, hands and shoulders. I love every inch of my husband and those are 3 of the things I noticed first. Also his ears. He had them stretched out for a long time before we met and now they look like someone took a hole puncher to them, which I find adorable.

  10. I absolutely love those corners that some men have where their torso ends and their hips begin. I think I like it so much because it’s something I don’t have. I also like really bright white, perfectly straight teeth, especially on guys with a darker skin tone for contrast.


    I also like a nice ass on a guy. Sometimes I wish that we could go back to 80’s fashion. I’d tolerate the neon colors just to see men in tight, buns-fitting pants.

  11. Brains are very sexy of course, but in terms of visible body parts (’cause I’m not into transparent skulls) it has to be the legs. Shoulders come next.

  12. I’m generally against parting out people for ogling, but…

    I’d have to say hips, just cause I don’t think there are many things more womanly then a nice set of hips. And it’s not something that many other people seem to appreciate – not sure why.

    But, in general, I’d rather appreciate the whole person…

  13. I have been told that in mixed company it is considered polite to complement the females on the size of their mammary glands.

    For me personally, it’s elbows that turn me on.

  14. Why do people keep saying “brains”? Do some people get two?

    I like well-spoken-ness and aptitude- very attractive.

    The sexiest part is the brain. My wife’s hat is a double D.

  15. Complexion. Absolutely.

    No one ever says that. I don’t know why.

    It’s not just “oh you don’t have pimples” or “oh you don’t have freckles”. It’s that kind of smooth butter liquid metal translucent porcelain that just make me want to stare and stare and then lick every square inch of your body and then stare and stare some more. And then sigh.

    Robert Heinlein had a story about something or other, but in it, a major plot device was this porcelain teacup that a colllector wanted, “The Flower of Forgetfulness”. And when the team in charge of getting it finally got it, they almost didn’t hand it over, because it was so beautiful, they didn’t want to take their eyes off it.

    I always think of the “Flower of Forgetfulness” when I see a lovely complexion on a woman…

  16. Yeah, first thing I notice is the eyes. The smile too. Not the lips, but the expression, the attitude, especially along with a twinkle in the eye. Playfullness, mischief, …

    *sigh* A particular pair of eyes and the accompanying enchanting smile has been keeping me awake a couple of nights in a row now …

    Anyway, I’ll get over it (or, luck willing, date her).

    For some reason, I don’t notice things like boobs and legs. Not right away at least. Unless they are particularly visible. Or very obviously perfectly shaped. But they’re not what I’m specifically attracted to either. I often can’t even recall it as a detail when I’m describing an attractive girl I just met to someone else.

  17. Hard to narrow it down. Eyes can be fantastic, but on some people, they just don’t help. A great ass is good, too. Neck and shoulders are also a very nice place… I think my enjoyment of them comes from massage.

    Really, can’t think of too many parts of a woman I don’t enjoy. While a brain is great (as I frequently say, I like to look at the pretty ones and talk to the smart ones), I’ve never had a brain attract my gaze from across the room.

  18. While I appreciate the WHOLE picture, I have a particular weakness for toned abs and the belly button. It was the world’s great tragedy when the midriff shirt went out of style.

  19. More of a turn-off than a turn-on: teeth. Not so much less-than-white teeth or crooked teeth or any of that, but gross unhealthy yellowed or rotting teeth. If you don’t care enough to care for your teeth, why should I think you’ll care about anything else like vaccines or, you know, me?

  20. As a couple of others have mentioned I also like nice defined shoulders and a graceful neck, both of which my wife has. Beyond that I’m an appreciator of the total female package of which any part could turn me on at any given moment. So nice to have choices!

  21. Since I’m late I think most of my favorite body parts have been already been covered.

    I’d like to point out, though, that I have blue eyes.

  22. Hi there!

    Wow! How did I miss THIS question? Looking at members of the opposite sex isn’t just my hobby, it is a lifelong passion!

    A lot of women like to characterize men as shallow and superficial, that we don’t care about a woman’s personality as long as she has big tits and a tiny waist. Not so, say I. I always take pride in the fact that I can find something beautiful in EVERYone. That even UNattractive women are beautiful in a thousand tiny ways that go unnoticed by the general population. I’m always the first to say that I find ALL women beautiful, and that NO ONE can call me shallow and superficial.

    So instead, they tell me: “You’ll just go for ANYthing in a short skirt with a pulse, won’t you?”. I can’t win. :(

    There was one time that I found myself absolutely transfixed by the negative space between the back of a girl’s neck and her long, high ponytail. It made almost a perfect comma shape and it was beautiful.

    But usually I am totally attracted to evidence of freakiness. If I see a glimpse of tattoo under the sleeve of an otherwise perfectly ordinary girl, that turns my attraction up to 11. Things like bizarre hair colors, or even a sticker on her laptop for an obscure goth band just drives me wild. I guess I tend to look for signs that she’s secretly “one of us”. Of course, women that are obviously over-the-top freaky goth nerdy just make me melt. If I ever saw Emilie Autumn walking down the street you’d need a road crew to scrape me up off the sidewalk. :(

  23. I’d say brain, but that’s cheating.

    I love the whole arm — start with the hands (my husband has the GREATEST hands — long fingers, not too thin, short nails because he bites them) and move up into the forearm and then towards the shoulder.

    The best part of all of this is that thick masculine vein that starts around the knuckle and winds it’s way up the arm and around the elbow. I’m not talking about a steroid muscley vein — just that regular ol’ vein right under the skin. When that thing bulges — O.M.G. WE NEED TO GO HOME NOW!

    Weird, I know, but what can I say ;-)

    Edit: Oh, and tattoo’s on the arm, poking out under a black t-shirt. Oh! And glasses!

  24. While I completely agree with Mr. George Hrab in that I prefer “Brains, Body, Both,” there is one body part that gets me EVERY time. They are called “dimples of Venus” (Google some pictures, yummy) and I simple can’t resist them. I’m very glad they are not readily visible or I would be driven to constant distraction.

  25. Eyes so blue, it looks like tropical waters. Crystal blue. I could fall into those eyes, and get lost….

    On a more physical level, I like bubble butts. I like to rear back and smack them.

    I hate feet. You can’t make them look nice, you can just decrease how bad they look.

  26. Blue eyes don’t really do much for me. But then, I’m a scandinavian so I may be jaded when it comes to blue eyes. I myself have dark blue eyes. Tiny, squinty, dark blue eyes. ;~)

    I was going to say the brain but that’s kinda cheating. Is the voice a body part? Probably not but it’s produced by a body part. So maybe the larynx? I like big curly hair too. And bums which is why Brazil is the best country in the world, hands down.

  27. Nice eyes are very attractive, especially when you see a little twinkle in there. I like to call it “something behind the eyes.” If she doesn’t have that, I’m out. The nape of the neck and the small of the back on a woman get me going, too. I love it when I can get a glimpse of my honey’s back when she’s wearing a little top and stretches (Yowza!). Of course, a great ass or legs will turn my head. O hell, it’s all so wonderful I am powerless to resist.

    @romeo_echo: I’m totally with you on the complexion thing. There’s no bigger turn-off than bad skin (or bad teeth for that matter).

  28. Ultimately, intelligence and attitude keep in goin’ on for me.

    But for first visual impression (to get it started), it’s a simple (which probably equates to “cute”) face, and a nice little curve from the waist to the hips, which curve I would love to move my hands along repeatedly.

    I’ve long had a fascination for dark hair, but I am genetically predisposed to actually hook up with blue-eyed blondes.

  29. I would be remiss in my duties as a Zap Brannigan afficionado if I did not inject the obligatory quote here: “”I’ve always thought the most sensual part of a woman was the boobies.”

    In reality though, what makes my knees turn to jelly and my heart turn to a twitterpated mess is a certain way a girl can just look up me with wide eyes and that special little smile… Yeah, that’ll get me every time.

  30. Like the late Rodney Dangerfield, I am an ass man. I know this because people constantly tell me “You’re an ass, man!”.

    Thanks. I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress and try the veal.

  31. Red haired, freckled, athletic bodied women are my personal favorite but I find myself attracted to all kinds of women. I went to the college bookstore the other day to check on the price of the text book for my B law class next semester. The girl who helped me was a cute, black and plump and there was something about her that was driving me crazy. I couldn’t put my finger on it but she was pushing all my buttons. If I wasn’t married I would have asked her out on the spot.

  32. @Ubermoogle:
    In reality though, what makes my knees turn to jelly and my heart turn to a twitterpated mess is a certain way a girl can just look up me with wide eyes and that special little smile…

    Ugh! Kill me now.
    I think my life would be much simpler if I could just turn off the part that makes me develop crushes on girls who are obviously not my type …


  33. Backs, bums, and arms. None of which need to be muscular to be hot to me, just a little toned. I actually really like “stealth muscles” in arms especially, where you don’t notice them until they’re flexed.

    @Eric: Yes, interesting faces definitely. I’ve always preferred unconventionally attractive faces. The “boy next door” look does nothing for me.

    And brains above all else, of course. Nothing is more swoon-inducing than a guy that can debate properly.

  34. @exarch: This still happens to me on a daily basis, and I’m in my 40’s. Argh! I always liked the Joe Jackson line:

    “God, if you’re up there, listen to my prayer
    In future man should have a different design
    Give him a switch so he can turn off his libido now
    Give him a tranquilizer built into his mind”

    I’d just take out the God part.

  35. @Amanda, I always get the impression you’re describing me whenever you talk about your ideal guy :p

    (But on this occasion at least, the blue-eyed blonde I can’t stop thinking about is not you. Sorry.)

  36. @Amanda:
    But you think *every* Skepchick is talking about you. ;)

    Well they should be ;)

    Also, I’ve found that silly stuff like hooking up with a girl or actually even finding a girlfriend works much better if you assume that every girl you like is interested in you as well. Turns out that, quite often, they actually are! Who knew? I’m shocked! seriously …

    Hmm, so if I ever need glasses some day, safety-tinted faux-blue contacts it is.
    Does that mean everything you see is blu-ish?

  37. A good voice is an absolute turn on. Check out Pamela Gay on Astronomycast. Outside that I cannot resist looking at a girl in boots. Even if she is otherwise unattractive I can’t control my eyes. Knee high, thigh high, they are all good. I also can’t resist chubby girls who aren’t ashamed of it. A chubby girl wearing a corset and boots with a sexy voice…. I’m well on the way to marrying one.

  38. @catgirl: I’m not the only one! I keep having to describe those hip-corners in far too many words than seem necessary, and often find myself simply resorting to hand gestures…with my eyes half shut…and my words…kinda…trail… erm, I mean, does that bit have a name?

    Also: skin. In all its many shades.

  39. Some kind of lips are exquisite. Soft pink, with just enough volume (not the Pamela Anderson kind of thing, God forbids!) Just hard to describe.

    Also, clear chesnut eyes are incredibly captivating. And green eyes too.

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