Supernatural Collective Nouns

Over on the wonderful Wondermark, David Malki gives us collective nouns for a myriad (or other collective noun) of supernatural beings. Click to see the bigger original!

It reminds me of when we visited the Linnean Society during TAM London and saw that Linneus classified a group of potentially mythical beasts, including hydra, satyrs, and . . . pelicans. I got a pic (click to see bigger):

Linnean Society

Rebecca Watson

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  1. The play “Humble Boy” has a bit about how a large group of bees reminds the main character of the end of the world so he coins the term (in the same vein as a murder of crows) as an apocalypse of bees.

  2. An aquifier of homeopaths.
    A manipulation of chiropractors.
    A fraudulence of psychics.
    An endangerment of priests.
    A delusion of conspiracy theorists.

    Any more for any more?

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