Skepchick Quickies 10.6


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I am a big fan of Carrollian-style nonsense (Jabberwocky is my favourite poem, and the first I ever consciously committed to memory), and I like the idea that it was doing me some good. I think it can be useful (in the context of teaching proper critical thinking) to probe the boundaries of what is rational – better defining something by examining what it is not.

    Or perhaps I just enjoy making up silly words.. I never figured out which.


  2. I am glad the University of Florida came to its senses and no longer advocates vitalist hate speech. The more myths about our post-vital friends that can be debunked, the better.

    Nearly 200,000 people are faced with a deathstyle choice every day, and no apocalypse seems immanent. “Zombie Apocalypse” forsooth!

  3. @durnett: Brilliant!

    So there went one on horseback to meet him, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it butt-kicking? And Jehu said, What hast thou to do with butt-kicking? Turn thee behind me. –2 Kings 9:18

    Butt-kicking I leave with you, my butt-kicking I give unto you. – John 14:27

    The Lord of butt-kicking himself give you butt-kicking always. –2 Thessalonians 3:16

    All quotations taken from Conservapædia’s new Swiss-Cheese Version of The Holy Bible.

  4. I fully support the conservipedia folks in their efforts to rerig the bible to their narrow world.

    Anything that makes the bible accessible to fewer people can only benefit society on the long term.

  5. @SKrap: In a way, I want to humorously agree. However, the fact that this “project” even exists just proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that these people are bug-eating insane. They have lost touch with reality. I suppose the very existence of “Conservapedia” should have let me know this, but this takes it to a new level of crazy.

  6. The previous times somebody decided to edit and/or cut-and-paste religious texts to fit their own ideas, the judeo-christian religion split into three separate and mutually exclusive religions.

    Maybe the same will happen again and again until the big three end up becoming the little 73 religions …

  7. One of the benefits listed for the new conservative Bible is “liberals will oppose this effort, but they will have to read the Bible to criticize this, and that will open their minds.” ^_^

    It’s great when people think the reason you reject something is because you just don’t know about it yet. Like those Jack Chick tracts, where all they do is say, “You know, Jesus died for your sins,” and the evil Satan worshiper is just like, “WHAAAAAAT?”

  8. @datajack: That’s about what I said when I sent this in. They are way-y-y-y around the “crazy” bend and going further by the minute with this one.

    SKrap has a good point, too. I can just see the Fundies exploding into little church-shards all over the place.

  9. I can’t believe the hubris Schlafly is showing. I wonder if he plans on printing it?

    Anyway, I was looking at some of the work that they’ve done, and wanted to bring a particular translation that caught my eye.

    Here is their efforts on translating the Book of Mark: http://conservapedia.com/Gospel_of_Mark_(Translated). Find Mark 6:22 and look at the analysis for that verse where they say that the word “temptress” is better than “girl” or “damsel.” There’s a footnote there and if you go to it, you’ll see that they also consider “floozy” and “bimbo” better words!

    The sexism is just mindboggling.

  10. @9bar: And you find the sexism “mindboggling” because? To me, it seems to be one of the defining characteristics of all religious fundamentalism that I’m familar with.

  11. Every time I hear about the shroud of Turin, I think they should take some of the blood from it and clone many Jesuses. They could make a Jesusiac Park or could get rid of all ministers priests, etc and give each congregation its own Jesus to lead them. No health insurance bill would be needed because one of the many Jesuses could put his hands on you and heal you. Less farmers would be needed because the J’s could multiply one loaf of bread. Vineyards wouldn’t be needed; just give them some bottled water to transform.

  12. Is the conservative Bible Project really happening or is it just an idea someone wrote on Conserveapedia? The article doesn’t mention any specific members that are working on the project or really any specifics at all, just that it could be done. Something feels off with that…

  13. @Peregrine:
    You mean they aren’t already?
    [The little 73 religions]

    No, right now, they’re the little 73 denominations, still gathered under the umbrella of the one major christian religion. They’re already pretty mutually exclusive on many areas, but not to the point of outright rejecting each other as heretics. Well, some of them are, but they could do with some more internal animosity to cause many more rifts …

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