Skepchick Quickies, 10.28


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  1. Well I’m sorry, but to hear that the BCA doesn’t do quality research or depend on it for their methodologies is just libelous. You should expect a summons in the mail for making such a ludicrous accusation.

    I wonder if there’s a doctor who repairs the brains of woo-woo mutilation victims?

  2. Weird connection on the second page of the reconstruction article: Clitoraid is run primarily by volunteers of the Raelian movement. Interesting. But hey, if they want to do this kind of thing with their money, so much the better for everyone.

  3. @Vengeful Harridan (Elexina): Yeah, I thought it was weird when I saw that too.

    I guess it’s just weird in general to realize that real life organizations that have cartoon-y evil aspects to them can also have some good will and respectable intentions behind them.

    Now if we could just get Scientology to sponsor something useful and stop just being a Saturday Morning Cartoon cult.

  4. @Vengeful Harridan (Elexina): Huh, they have a new website.

    And I can’t stop laughing at “Category: Venereals”.

    But yes, Herpes is something I’ll have to give for Christmas any significant other I acquire from this point forward. If they hang around, I know it’s meant to be.

  5. Self web-diagnosis is a problem? Pooh. After diagnosing oneself, the next thing Americans do is call a real doctor for a prescription! So the doctor sees the patient anyway. I’m only half kidding there.
    I mean, who self diagnoses swine flu or cancer or rickets and then just sits back at home with a satisfied look on their face saying, “Yep. I KNEW that’s what it was! Ok, now on to email…”

    A great many of our cancer patients here do research on their doctors, treatments, or the hospital’s US ranking in an area, frequently calling or emailing our doctor back with more questions.

    One patient called yesterday to reschedule with a different doctor, because he found out Dr A had done less than 100 of his type of surgery and Dr B has done 2,000. I KNOW Dr A, and know he’s a fine doctor, but do I blame the patient? No.

    My sister researched the few drug treatment options she has left for her for her end stage kidney cancer. She was better able to understand and communicate with her doctor. She was better prepared for the difficult Interluken 2 infusions because of that research and the people she met on line who had received it also.

    And 8 yrs ago, in the midst of a suicidal mental breakdown, I diagnosed myself manic-depressive by correct type and subtypes after my fool psychiatrist misdiagnosed me. I subsequently fired her and found someone new, a specialist in m-d, who confirmed my diagnosis and saved my life.

    Thank You, Dr. Google! You saved me from Dr. Yahoo!

  6. @ Sam: condolences or your medical problems. If you get prostate cancer, call me! I will refer you to Dr. B. LOL

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