Skepchick Quickies, 10.26


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  1. I have some damn fine memories of that Panchero’s in IC….none of Zombies tho. ‘Course should that have been a real Zombie that guy would have been pate. Everyone knows you don’t make fluid contact with a zombie.

  2. You know, inside every living person is a dead one waiting to get out. Perhaps people should consider that before universally discriminating or abusing out Post-Vital friends. Vitalism is an ugly thing.

  3. You should never punch a zombie anyway. It has no effect. They might stumble backwards a little bit, but they don’t feel any pain. They just keep lumbering towards you. If it’s absolutely necessary to defend yourself, get a desperately improvised weapon and aim for the head! I can’t stress this enough, people!

  4. Ugh, some people just don’t know how to survive the Zombiepocolypses.

    And, just for the record, I saw the Haggis letter, and thought about going with it, but opted for the Sweedish Church that voted to allow gay matramony. (sorry for the misspelling)

  5. Vaginal mints are just another example of people getting bad or no sex ed, of being to shy or misinformed to talk to their doctor about private issues. If you have a problem with your vagina, talk to a doctor -just as you hopefully would if you had a problem with your teeth or your eyes. There is a wide range of “normal” for female intimate places, but if you have a concern you should go to the doctor and not to the mint aisle. Just practice good personal hygiene, everywhere, and you shouldn’t need a lot of added products for any body part!

  6. Actually there is some evidence that the practices the vaginal mints are supposed to foster are not exactly healthy for women. There does appear to be an increase in bacterial vaginosis in women who practice receptive cunnilingus.


    The reasons for this are unclear, likely the normal flora of the mouth are different than the normal flora of the vagina, and when the vaginal flora is disrupted, then bad bacteria can overgrow causing BV.

    External mints aren’t fabulous for the vagina either. Hubby used one of those dissolve on your tongue mint things, and turns out we didn’t wait long enough for the “active ingredient” to be absorbed by his mouth. Shrieks of pain aren’t as romantic as shrieks of delight. Ouch.

  8. I’m 25 and tend to think of myself as mature, however I still found myself giggling at the phrase “vaginal mints”. I had honestly never heard of them before

  9. @davew: Ouch! I had a “husband made chili from scratch earlier today without wearing gloves” incident that makes that too real to be funny. For me anyway, everyone else feel free to laugh it up. Much like I did the night he removed his contacts using the same finger he used to taste a friend’s collection of hot sauces.

  10. @SKrap: with my browser, the page just shows up, gives a load error or something, and when I click OK on the error message, the contents of the page disappears and I get a “Page cannot be displayed” errorpage instead. Ther first two paragraphs of the article are at least very interesting. Which is all I can read while the error message shows. Seems like somebody fucked up their HTML.

    Luckily the direct link to the letter works much better.

  11. When I saw the heading I thought the mints were vaginal flavored. Why have peppermint when you can have vaginamint! Don’t be a clown, go down … with new Vaginamint! Don’t be a wussy, taste some pussy … with new Vaginamint.

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