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Hello Skepchick readers! I am so very pleased to bring you another edition of Get To Know Your CarrieSkepchick. This installment features the oh-so-lovely and super-intelligent, carr2d2 (aka Carrie). Hooray! I took some glamour photos of Carrie on the swanky streets of Atlanta and asked her some questions to hopefully help you get to know her just a little bit better. Enjoy!

1. What experience first got you interested in skepticism? I’m naturally curious, and I Carriehave issues when it comes to understanding what people are saying to me (I think I have some sort of auditory processing thing), so I’ve always needed to figure things out for myself. I became aware of this whole “movement” thing listening to Penn Jillette’s radio show, and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. If you could wipe out one pseudoscience all together, which one would it be? Faith healing. Like, Benny Hinn style. It pisses me off for so many reasons.

3. What one skeptical topic do you wish there was legitimate evidence for? I always Carriethought astral projection sounded really cool. I kinda wish that was real. I’d totally leave my body and go fly around the world. It would be much cheaper than the way I do it now, what with all the airplanes and stuff.

4. What is the best pipe to lay? Nice try at a dirty question, but I don’t actually lay pipe :p I insulate it. Which I suppose could be turned dirty in some of your minds. Best pipe to insulate? Tough to say; it all depends on where it is and how much shit is in the way. Personally, I like nuclear plant work Carriethe best. It’s mostly clean (well, as clean as this trade gets), the work requires brain power, and you get to do and see some really cool stuff in the process (example: nuclear fuel is awesome looking).

5. On Skepchick island who would you recommend for the live entertainment? Hmmm…let’s see…I’d say we need Hrab and Minchin to play music, and Neil Gaiman to read us bedtime stories, and he could bring Amanda along as well to amuse and amaze us with her random acts of performance art.

6. What book would you recommend for someone just beginning to become interested in science and or skepticism? Tough one. Probably Quirkology by Richard Wiseman. It is fun and engaging, and shows how science can be applied to almost anything you can think of.

7. Everyone is looking at these beautiful photos of you, staring at your boobs and totally not paying attention to this interview at all. Quick! Say something to grab their attention! Holy shit it’s CarrieDavid Tennant! Sorry, what were you asking me again? Ok, resume boob-staring :p

8. The phone rings. It’s your friend who says she has cancer and she just heard Bill Maher say she should go to Mexico for an alternative treatment. What do you tell her? I’d ask her to tell me more about this treatment and why she feels she cannot trust conventional medicine. I’d try to be tactful and understanding while making a case for medical cancer treatment (as scary as it might sound) by talking about the huge increases in survival rates over the years as our technology has advanced, as well as some anecdotes from my friends and family who have beaten cancer. Then I’d tell her I love her and want her alive and healthy for as long as possible.

9. It’s the night before Dragon*Con. You can dress up any one skeptic as any character you like. Who is it and what are they dressed as? Wow. How did you know I think about things like this? I have to pick just one? Well, in that case, Randi as Yoda.

10. Your iPod malfunctions and you can only subscribe to one podcast, forever. What podcast do Carrieyou choose? At the moment, I have a backlog of 129 podcasts because I haven’t been able to listen at work. The only one I’m actually caught up on is Sundays Supplement, because I always listen to that one as soon as it comes out. What can I say? Iszi and Simon crack me up. So I guess I’d go with that one.

Wait, this wasn’t a test, was it? Oh, well…the boss lady is out of town and off internet island for awhile, so she won’t know I didn’t pick SGU ;)

11. What advice would you give to a person who wants to meet more like-minded skeptics? Carrie The first thing I’d suggest is to talk about science and skepticism in your daily life, if you don’t already. You might already know people who share your views. Get involved online, and you will likely meet people from your area that you might want to hang out with. Go to local skeptical events, like Drinking Skeptickally (or Skepchickally), attend museum events and book readings. Put yourself out there, and most importantly, have fun.

Thank you so much Carrie! I had a great time spending time with you and chasing you around with a camera! Special thanks as always to Elyse for her mystery question contribution and until next time, this has been Get To Know Your Skepchick with me, Surly Amy!

Amy Roth

Amy Davis Roth (aka Surly Amy) is a multimedia, science-loving artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She makes Surly-Ramics and is currently in love with pottery. Daily maker of art and leader of Mad Art Lab. Support her on Patreon. Tip Jar is here.

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  1. Great pictures of a smart and sexy lass. And a very nice, compassionate answer to the Bill Maher question. That’s such a tricky situation and requires a lot of tact to help steer the person in the right direction without alienating her.

  2. Eek! I love that she started off listening to Penn Radio. I did, as well! I largely did, as well. The episodes with Phil Plait and Joe Rogan? Fantastic. I still listen off of on occasion. Oh, how I miss it.

    Also, her hair is fantastic. I’m going to stop at that. Haha.

  3. I clicked over from Twitter and literally gasped out loud. Carrie, you are breathtaking. You’re as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside, or vice versa. Or whatever. I’m flustered… ;)

    Amy, you did a wonderful job capturing these beautiful images.

  4. Amy, you’re photos and interview questions ROCK. And Carrie, you’re answers are so entertaining. But now you have me thinking about David Tennant – and I find that a bit embarrassing.

  5. Great interview, Amy! I only read these things for the interviews, you know.

    Yeah, right…

    I can’t wait to see GabrielB’s response to this photo set! I think if you asked he would happily volunteer to carry your camera gear for all future interviews. He might even be willing to help prep the “models” for their photoshoots. You know, making sure they’re posed all proper-like.

  6. Oh, oh, oh, oh my, boobies, such glorious, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, gravity defying boobies, and the boobies are attached to a beautiful skeptical woman. Amy, how do you do it? How do you keep taking pictures? Where does your self control come from? Carrie I am sure I have mentioned this before and if I haven’t please, I beg of you, accept my humble apologies, you are amazingily gorgeous and your boobies. you obviously understand their power. And with great boobies, comes great responsibility.

  7. @Gabrielbrawley: You’re going to need to remember to put a towel down on your keyboard before you read any more of these “Get To Know a Skepchick” interviews!!

    (To catch the drooling, of course! Get your mind out of the gutter, man!)

  8. thanks for all the love, kids :) amy, the photos are indeed amazing. thanks again for doing this.

    @xenu: my tattoos are all egyptian art and hieroglyphs. on my left forearm is a scarab beetle, on the right is an ankh and papyrus flower, and my back is a big work in progress at the moment, involving lions and winged snakes, mostly.


    …with great boobies, comes great responsibility.

    that is totally my new personal motto :D

  9. Only David Tennant could distract me from Carrie’s boobs. Unless it was Maria’s boobs. Or Tracy’s boobs. Or… well, you get the idea.

  10. @Gabrielbrawley: “…with great boobies, comes great responsibility.”

    COTW! When’s the t-shirt coming out?

    Carrie: Smokin’ hot babe with a skeptical mind. Is there anything more attractive? I think not. You make me smile.

  11. @Amy:

    So is Amy just flying around North America producing these posts? Or were all the photos taken at a single Skepchick event?

    Oh, and its been a few weeks and my gravatar, still isn’t showing up on this site. It worked on many others sites almost immediately. Does anyone have any advice? The gravatar people recommended that I ask you.

  12. @revmatty: actually, i initially found iszi because of her video comments on penn says, and i can’t even remember how i found the podcast, but it was way before rebecca was a guest.

    i knew them before they were big, man :p

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