Skepchick Quickies 9.4


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Even if “The Disappearing Male” had any basis in fact, with a population close enough to 7 billion that you can round up without very many people calling you on it, I can think of a lot of things that are a more likely threat to the survival of the species than a decreasing sex ratio.

  2. Reading the article on exercising making you fat, I wonder if the reporter writing that bothers differentiating between gaining weight and gaining *fat*. Because when you first start exercising after being sedentary, you’re going to *gain* weight, but *lose* fat. Because you’re, y’know, building *muscle* with that exercise.

  3. Hell, Skepotter, I’d rather like a decreasing sex ratio. I gotta look good somehow, since apparently I can’t not exercise my way to hotness. I’ll take looking good compared to someone who doesn’t exist. ;-)

  4. @JOHNEA13: Aha! I think you’re on to something here — The women are conspiring to make men infertile so THEY don’t have to worry about birth control any more, and can simply clone themselves when they want babies.

  5. @mxracer652: Your avatar reveals you as part of the great bicyclist conspiracy to conceal the massive porkitude of the two wheeled.

    The emporer has clothes Sir, but they are tight and ill fitting.

  6. Heh – I’m about to get my second titanium knee next week. I’ll be doubly good at taking on burglars. [We olde ladees iz tuff!] A mugger once attacked my 89 year old great aunt. She beat him with her cane.

    My son was told by a doctor that, according to “the charts”, he is obese – yet, strangely “has the heart of an athlete”. Yeah, because most of that there tissue is lean muscle tissue developed through physical activity. By the weight charts, half the works-out-a-lot Hollywood heartthrobs are “obese”.

  7. @DominEditrix:
    It seems to me that BMI-base dobesity tests need to be two-staged:

    Stage 1: take off your shirt and look down, can you see your abs? If so, you’re not obese. If not, go to stage 2.

    Stage 2: Check you BMI against the normal metrics.

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