Skepchick Quickies 9.22

  • NYT article on Carolyn Porco – A wonderful article on one of our favorite astronomers and her work on the Cassini mission. From Billy.
  • fMRI scanning of dead salmon highlights risk of red herrings – Did anyone else hear the voice of Steve Novella in their head warning about misunderstanding fMRI results while reading this? From Emory.
  • TIME article on vaccination – Joel Stein writes humorous essays for TIME and this time his topic is how he and his wife compromised on vaccinations for their child.  From Martin.
  • Take the secular pinky swear – “The humanist community’s answer to abstinence pledges.”  There’s more to the pledge but I love the line, “Without need for religious reference, I will make every effort to take a mature, intelligent approach to decisions regarding my sexuality.” Here’s an accompanying video. 


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I wish Joel Stein success in persuading his wife to work her way out of Wooville. I’ve been diligently easing my wife towards Enlightenment, but she is a stubborn one. She’s still raging the battle on valerian root and echinacea, belief in karma/chi, and gets stuck on the problem with the placebo effect (which, I admit, is a difficult thing to debate). But she’s a really cool chick and lets me touch her boobies, so I’ll keep at it.

  2. I sympathize with the author of the TIME article. My wife and I haven’t had the vaccination talk yet, but I get the impression that we’re on the same page with that at least, to a certain extent.

  3. Carolyn Proco
    -is an influential female scientist
    -formats her website entries as entires in the “Captain’s Log”
    -was a “majorette in a Buddhist marching band”
    -was a friend of Carl Sagan’s
    -was a science adviser for Contact and Star Trek (2009)

    Has anyone asked her if she would blog as a Skepchick?

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