Sea Monsters!

The Loch Ness Monster, plesiosaurs, dinosaur tracks and Mongolian Death Worms…

Yes, you have two episodes of Monster Talk to catch up on!

In Episode Three, Ben Radford, Doctor Atlantis and I chat with biologist Glen Kuban about the infamous Zuiyo-maru “plesiosaur” (read: basking shark) captured by a Japanese trawler in 1977.  We also discuss his extensive research into the Paluxy Dinosaur/Man Tracks controversy.

The Loch Ness Monster? In Episode Four we interview Dr Adam Stuart Smith, a specialist in aquatic prehistoric reptiles. We talk with Adam about plesiosaurs and supposed sightings and ‘evidence’ of the Loch Ness Monster.

But best of all, Monster Talk features on Cryptomundo, where notorious Cryptoloon Loren Coleman says of us:

MonsterTalk, the cleverly misnamed, new site for this podcast series, is a stalking horse for, the Skeptical Inquirer, and a variety of other debunking alliances.

Excuse me, for now I must receive my next briefing from CSI…

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  1. A classic case of wanting something to be true, so assuming it is. I think it would unbelievably cool for there to be pleisosaurs. That would rock… except when I went to the beach. I look too much like a manatee to feel safe with pleisosaurs in the water.

  2. What these loons fail to understand EVER is that it takes a sufficient population of animals to survive (there ain’t no such thing as an Immortal Nessie) and that there needs to be a sufficient stock of prey animals to keep them alive. If you don’t have those things at a minimum, you don’t have a case.

  3. Re “notorious Cryptoloon Loren Coleman”.

    I run across items by Coleman maybe a few times per year, and he doesn’t seem especially extreme to me. Wikipedia quotes a 2006 article from (Boston Globe ):

    “Among monster hunters, Loren’s one of the more reputable,” says Benjamin Radford, managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine.”

  4. @guest1999:
    Loren is a publicity hound and he is not above begging for money for his personal collection of cryptid memorabilia. There is nothing inherently wrong with promoting your business (his is writing and being a spokesperson for cryptozoology and Fortean things). However, I would argue that he is simply a conduit for cryptonews without filters. In doing this, it promotes utter nonsense on the same level as legitimate stories (about folklore issues for example). I find this a bit unethical.

  5. NICE! Ijust had a SWIFt article about a NEW sea monster (well LAKE monster) in Antrim NH. We got our own monster now, and we’re happy about it. next Tshirts!!

  6. @guest1999 I didn’t label Coleman “extreme”, and Ben’s comment was relative to other cryptozoologists, some of whom are extreme.

    Coleman flirts with pseudoscience, and his comment about our show is verging on the paranoid. His other comments are unskeptical too. I stand by my remark.

  7. @Karen Stollznow:
    I’d say he does more than flirt with it – he makes a good part of his living on it. (Mysterious America is totally Fortean.) I find it interesting that he used to (or might again if it becomes profitable) include potential supernatural explanations for cryptids. He disavows that now in favor of “scientific” investigation.

    Cryptid investigation depends almost exclusively on anecdotes, there is such sparse physical evidence ever found. That seems to make the field more like the study of human psychology, folklore, sociology and perception than biology/zoology. Don’t you think?

    To his credit, Loren does have training in the social aspects and apparently some zoology. I’m just not impressed by the rampant speculation that makes up most of this so-called science. I find it more like sham inquiry.

  8. @idoubtit:

    “Don’t you think?” I meant that as “Wouldn’t you agree?” not any suggestion that folks here don’t think. Because they certainly do. Didn’t want that taken the wrong way.

    [Umm, how about some ability to edit comments?]

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