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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Yeah I was reading through some of the shooters stuff, and the first thing I thought was, “His crazy was probably evident to most women, and thus, they rejected him.”

    Because it was CLEAR he had issues, and I’m sure he couldn’t hide those issues.

    It really pisses me off that people don’t see that.

  2. A friend of my husband’s sent him the book “The Game” one day – straight from Amazon, with no explanation. This was a couple years ago, before we were married (or even engaged). I’d met this friend a couple times, and he’s strange, but seemed like an okay guy.

    My husband read a little of the first chapter before being disgusted and putting it down. So creepy.

  3. A lot of the people commenting on Roissy’s original article seem to believe that, in the words of one commenter’s blog, “an involuntarily celibate man has zero quality of life”. Dude, that’s just pathetic. First: There is more to life than sex, get a hobby or something, Jesus! Second: If you can’t “get any”, perhaps the problem is you. The reality is that you are the only person that you legally have any control over, and you’re the only person you can have any hope of changing. Forcing others to like you is not going to work. For starters, try taking a hard and honest look at how you interact with women…

    The other thing I noticed after reading those comments was how many so-called libertarian, and proudly self-sufficient men are the first to blame everyone else (i.e. women) for their failures with women. That seems pretty hypocritical to me, and in the end it’s nothing but pure women-bashing. Misogynists can fuck right off.

  4. I just don’t understand the mentality of people who think that killing others is an appropriate reaction to life’s disappointments. Angry hateful people are always so surprised when others shun them for their attitudes. I know people like this, to a lesser extent, but they will never be convinced that they could possibly be to blame or responsible. If you see women as irresponsible juvenile sluts, is it any surprise that mature, competent women want nothing to do with you?

  5. @Imrryr: Well, I think the thing is that many men do believe that, because of how society views men and their sexuality. If they aren’t getting any, they are Less Than. (See, sexism hurts men, too!)

    Of course, the problem is likely them, but at the same time, I can see why some men feel that way, even if they just have bad luck and aren’t crazy.

    The other thing I noticed after reading those comments was how many so-called libertarian, and proudly self-sufficient men are the first to blame everyone else (i.e. women) for their failures with women.

    I have noticed this too.

  6. Now, I’m a masculinist (not to be confused with mysognist), and I feel there is nothing that justifies taking a man’s frustration out on women, other men, or anyone, for that matter. You feel like hurting someone, grab some razor blades, get into the bathroom, and start cutting some nifty designs. Suicide is like masturbation-it needs to be done privately, and for best results, to yourself.

  7. @marilove: You’re quite right. There are times when I’m feeling down and even I end up thinking like that. Usually, I snap out of it when I remember that that idea is just another bs societal expectation. I’m not going to let the rest of the world determine how much of a man I am… whatever that means. Besides, it’s not like when you die you get a gold star, and a coupon for free ice cream, for fulfilling the expectations that society had for you. Live life the way you think is best. Well, that’s what I think anyway ;)

    @infinitemonkey: Absolutely. If you’ve got to hurt someone leave other people out of it.
    @durnett: Well put.

  8. Here’s the sad thing about Jesse Ventura’s show:

    People are going to immediately dismiss what he says, because he’s Jesse Ventura and he’s an eccentric.

    What’s funny is that if Oprah said the same things, it would be taken seriously and people everywhere would beat the conspiracy drum.

    I know Jesse Ventura doesn’t spend his whole life building a false ethos like Oprah does, but it’s hilarious how people are so vulnerable to trusting people who regularly spout bullshit.

    Remember when we had public figures in the media like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather to look up to?

  9. I wish they had a calendar full of pictures of men for the ladies who want to help out that good cause.

    Any bets on how long before Jenny McCarthy starts claiming that prairie dogs are now having an autism epidemic due to the vaccinations?

  10. Want to know what’s worse? Ventura was actually a decent governor.

    Partisans will dismiss his administration as the worst thing ever, but that’s because they had an adversary in the executive rather than a co-conspirator. That’s the way it should be.

    And, FWIW, Jesse Ventura refused to sign the executive order officially recognizing the national day of prayer in Minnesota.

    So yeah, he’s a nut, but arent ALL politicians nuts? Why is Ventura any more special because his beliefs are in false conspiracy theories rather than, let’s say, deep-rooted false christian beliefs?

    Now don’t get me wrong, he seems more like a wackaloon every day….

  11. I haven’t had much luck with women (although I get the feeling my luck has changed since attending SkepchickCON).

    But even I know that shooting women is not the answer. All you’re doing is changing the odds at your own disadvantage. Statistically, it makes more sense to shoot a whole bunch of guys …

  12. @catgirl:


    Statistically, it makes more sense to shoot a whole bunch of guys …




    I actually liked Ventura when he was my governer. Granted, he royally screwed the college students who came immediately after me, but that’s beside the fact.

  13. Tracking back to Roissy’s blog, shows that there is a “pick-up community” i.e. men who are exchanging information and supporting each other in the art of “The Game.” Said game being the hunting of, and sexual encounters with the wily beasties known as women. There are books, there are tests, there is an entire jargon.

    This concept is hardly new, there are articles on the “delicate characteristics of women” that date back to the 1700’s. But I didn’t know that it had become such a culture, albeit a small, creepy, sad one.

    The PUA dialog is geared to sexual conquest, not relationships. But the majority of those desperate enough to embrace it are lonely, looking for a life, not a bedpost mark.

    This sets up unreal expectations – play “The Game,” get more tang than an astronaut and lonely won’t matter any more.

    Worse, every woman who does not have sex with you after 3 minutes of carefully choreographed posturing counts against your game. Setting up a cycle of self-recrimination and more desperate posturing which drives away women, etc etc. Massive frustration there.

    It’s the woo in wooing.

  14. @Bookitty:

    The sad thing is, pick-up lines and rituals really don’t mean anything. These guys are led to believe that the correct routine will somehow compensate for their bad breath/beer gut/bad attitude/creepiness/whatever. They think they know the secret trick for making any woman like them, and they get frustrated when it doesn’t work.

  15. You can be a complete loon and still capable of making good decisions not related to your lunacy.

    Maine also had an independent governor at the same time Ventura was governor of Minnesota. Angus King got more accomplished and Maine was do better than any other time I can remember. Having a governor not beholden to either party has a lot of benefits. Needs to happen more often I think.

  16. Amanda, please give fair warning. You can’t post, “Tatooed LA Librians,” without risking serious drool-related keyboard short-outs. I mean, really, tatoos, and smarts, and books, who wouldn’t be #^((&… [Keyboard Error…]


    If you’re at the gym, that’s probably more likely to be 2 or even more out of every 10.

    Better to shoot the regulars at the nudie bar …

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