Skepchick Quickies, 8.3

  • The trial of the father of Madeline Neumann, who died in March from diabetes, continues as he testifies he expected God to heal his child. (Thanks to Paul.)
  • Potato chip gods: Why we see people where there aren’t any.
  • A medicine woman, who conned the Zimbabwe government out of about $1m by making them believe she could tap diesel fuel from a rock was convicted of fraud. (Thanks to Jo.)
  • Russian camera can see human soul. (Thanks to Steve.)


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  1. Isn’t that just Kirlian photography, seemingly re-invented for a new generation? I was “learning” all about that back in the 70s watching “In Search Of.”

  2. Heh, at least the Zimbabwean government managed to realize that they got conned.

    The parents of that poor girl, however, still apparently believe in the power of prayer. I’d be filing a malpractice suit against God if I were them.

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