Skepchick Quickies, 8.19


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  1. What gets me is the number of people I’ve met ,including scientists and engineers, that believe that lie detectors are infallible or that there is some kind of proven scientific principle(s) that the test operates on. My head feels like its going to explode when I talk to them.

  2. To be fair, I went to school for that stuff and the education I got wasn’t as bad as they write-up would have you believe. They did spend a lot of time on the flaws and faults. This was before the CSI craze, though, so I’m not sure how things are taught today. Kind of makes me want to go back to school.

  3. @ Math Tatooes…

    That redefines 10 on the nerdometer

    That catapults you high into the nerdosphere

    That turns you into nerdzilla

    That increases your nerdosity by several orders of magnitued

    If you combined the nerdiness of ALL trekkies, and rose it to the power of ALL Star Warsers, you would have the nerdility of one of those people

    You supply enough nerdification to turn the entire population of DC into nerds

    We need to commission a Congressional Panel to define just how nerdy that is.

    I’ve run out of words derived from “nerd”, and I still haven’t properly described it.

  4. In response to the alien sightings link;

    Bah, you people and Occam’s Razor. It’s obvious that it isn’t these movies stirring more of the public to report what they think are UFO sightings. It’s just that aliens like to visit and sneak into our theaters to see what our movies depict them as.

    Needless to say you can see why they haven’t sent any sort of official envoy to make contact with us yet.

  5. @LtStorm: COTW! :)

    re: A lot of forensics (fights off the urge to use the SouthPark reference), in my opinion, is just fodder for psychological leverage – “Look, we’ve got your fingerprints/dna/other “irrefutable ” evidence, and you’re gonna fry, you might as well confess and plea bargain.”

  6. So, aliens are using mind control to make Hollywood release movies to predict their visits? This is far worse than I suspected.

    My friend in college got a tattoo of the chemical structure of TNT. I think it would be cool to get some of the text of the Voynich Manuscript tattooed on my body, but there’s not nearly enough room and I also don’t like pain or needles.

  7. @LtStorm: If those aliens you mentioned are really smart, they took District 9 as a documentary and GTF out of here.

    @JohnEA13: Rmember what Isaac Asimov said about experts. They are “expert” only in their own field. Outside of their field of expertise, their opinion is of no more value than anyone else’s. That’s hard for both the expert and the listener to believe or remember, but it’s essentially true.

    I’d listen to Bug_Girl (nothing personal, BG) very seriously if she were talking about insects, for example. That’s her field. Other subjects, maybe not so seriously.

  8. Forensics seems to be about where medicine was pre-germ theory. Maybe it will one day have a sound scientific basis, like much of medicine today. We can hope, anyway…

    Is it bad that now I want the ZFC axioms tattooed on my body? And yeah, the bubble chamber tattoo is seriously badass.

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