Comment o’ the Week! Doped Up Edition

Hey kids, who has two thumbs and is on drugs right now? This girl. Aww yeah.

I’m blaming my current oral surgery-related pain killer high for my inability to artfully construct sentences and/or be clever, so let’s get straight to the prize. This week’s COTW goes to Chasmosaur for responding to news that the NY Times expelled Ben Steinn:

ChasmosaurNo Gravatar // Aug 7, 2009 at 9:18 am

I hacked into the Times’ servers, and found this draft of Catherin Mathis’ statement:

Quite honestly, we have been uncomfortable with lending him journalistic and cultural credibility since the release of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”. However, we could find no grounds to dismiss him because of the film, and such an act would have opened us up to dangerous criticism on denying him First Amendment rights.

Now, though, we didn’t feel we could ignore that Mr. Stein so obligingly accommodated us with a legitimate, undeniable reason to remove him from our roster.

One might say that he intelligently designed the situation so we could firmly hold the moral high ground in releasing him from our service.

Hilariously spot-on.

Congrats, Chasmosaur! Your prize is the ability to choose next Wednesday’s Afternoon Inquisition. Send it in using our contact form.

I’ll also include this runner-up, in which HERD_Dad gives us a good response to anyone encouraging us to play the lotto: My favorite thing to say is “every time I don’t play I win a dollar.”

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I hope everyone’s Friday is nearly as blissful as mine, even without the help of serious narcotics.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I get my wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday. They are not putting me under, I’ve learned, which is okay. I am looking forward to the serious narcotics! Sort of, anyway.

    Also, my birthday party is TOMOROW! Yay weekends!

  2. Really? I blame my pain for unusual levels of snarkiness. Moving furniture and aging joints don’t go together….

  3. @marilove:

    You’re brave. I went out like a light for mine. And I preferred my frozen-peas-as-icebags to the narcotics, myself ;)

  4. @marilove: That valium-demerol cocktail is loads of fun. If I had more wisdom teeth, I’d have them pulled again. Not so fun after, but the surgery itself was a lark.

    There is a reason they won’t let you drive home, though. I saw a car about to blow a stop sign and slam into my friend’s car as he was driving me home. I was thinking to myself how interesting this was going to turn out. If I hadn’t thought out loud, my friend wouldn’t have avoided the crash. I couldn’t have cared less. Whooh!

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