AI: Cake or Death?

I’m in Chicago again. Tim3P0 and I are visiting Elyse and Brian for Moose’s birthday, which has me thinking about cake, which in turn has me thinking about Marie Antoinette. What follows logically from there is Eddie Izzard:

And now you have a tiny bit of insight into how my mind works. Scary, eh?

So, which is it: cake or death? Also, if you feel so inclined, you may share your particular birthday cake preferences. Did you get to pick what type of cake you wanted as a kid? What’s your dream cake, and even better, did you ever actually get it?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. Cake, please!
    I got to choose my birthday cake as a child, and always wanted Black Forest. I still do – other cakes for other occasions, but Black Forest for birthdays.

  2. Cake please! I always got to pick my cake, usually marble cake with chocolate frosting. Now I prefer chocolate with chocolate cheesecake frosting and fresh strawberries.

    BTW I love Eddie Izzard. I got to see him live back in 2000. First and only time I’ve been to NYC, went with a bunch of high school friends on a road trip to see him. It was fantastic.

  3. Um … cake please!

    Speaking of Eddie Izzard, I’m a huge fan so I have to mention something.

    He’s currently trying to do a 1000-mile run across Britain in seven weeks, for a charity called “Sport Relief”.

    He’s not a professional runner, he’s 47, and he only trained for a month, but as of today, he’s finished six consecutive days of marathon-distance running!

    He posts his progress (and pictures from along his route) on his Twitter page, @eddieizzard.

  4. Cake, please!

    My favorite b-day cake as a kid was lemon cake with chocolate frosting, which I still really enjoy.

    I haven’t had my own birthday cake in forever, though. Usually it’s just a good meal and lots of drinking. But I love carrot cake, german chocolate cake, and any cake involving chocolate frosting.

    I did have a birthday apple pie a couple years ago and that was awesome. I loves me some pie.

  5. Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting for me. In fact, my birthday is this week and my sweetie is planning to make me a Guinness chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting…so good.

  6. The only cake I really like is pinapple upside down cake.
    Otherwise I prefer pie. I like pizza pie, pinapple pie, pumpkin pie, mince tarts…
    I like pie for breakfast, pie for lunch, pie for dinner, and pie before I go to bed.

  7. Banana cake with “real” white frosting. I even asked for it as the topper for my wedding cake (30 years ago) and was completely bummed when I learned you’re supposed to wait for your 1st anniversary to eat it.

    Now I say screw tradition. If I ever have another wedding cake (not likely) I’m eating whatever part I want.

  8. @Imrryr:

    I finally got around to buying the DVD version of “Room With a View” to replace my battered VHS.

    My husband came in, saw me watching it, and asked me where Sebastian and the matches were :D

  9. @wdonohue: Mine’s Dec 11th and I still got cake. I would figure that “too close to Christmas” would have been like in the high teens (18th or 19th) or somewhere in the twenties.

  10. I’ll have…what were my choices again?…um…Cake please. Of course, as a child, I marched to the beat of a different drummer and preferred pie, lemon meringue to be precise. Now my preferences run to a lovely carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. And…gotta run, need sugar!

  11. damn, you kidses are makin me hungry with all this cake porn :p
    just so you know, the cake we had today was spider-man’s head: one layer of chocolate, one layer of white, with strawberries in between, slathered with creamy frosting and covered in a fondant. it was awesome.

    when i was a kid, i always insisted upon angel food cake. not necessarily because it was my favorite, but i did enjoy it (she’d make it from scratch) and didn’t generally get to have it any other time.

  12. My favorite birthday cake, since I was a kid, is a red velvet cake. I’m not sure what all went into it, but chocolate and red food coloring were part of it. I suppose the food coloring isn’t necessary, but red was my favorite color as a kid. Now it’s green.

  13. @killyosaur42: My wife’s aunt was born on xmas and hated it because she only got 1 present as both a birthday and xmas present. So as an adult she married a Jewish man, and they both became Buddhists (not sure how much of a role the xmas birthday played).

  14. I usually choose carrot cake (with raisins and cream cheese frosting).

    Now I might choose red velvet cake, although I’ve never had a “good” one. I’ve only had it in my college’s cafeteria and my friends assure me it is abysmal. I don’t imagine I will survive eating a decent one.

    As a small child the favorite was always chocolate zucchini cake. The zucchini doesn’t really change the flavor, it just makes the cake incredibly moist. In elementary school it also had the benefit of driving all the other children away so I got more cake later.

  15. My favourite for the last… oh, two decades or so is “The world’s best cake”. I’m not kidding. That’s what it’s called.

    As a kid I was extremely picky and probably settled for buns (without rainsins!) or possibly chocolate cake (without frosting). I don’t really remember though, I’ve recorded over those memories with the worlds best cake eating.

  16. As a kid, I always favored the Great American Cookie Co. Cookie Cakes. Iced cookie slices…mmm.

    As an adult, I work with someone who does professional cakes on the side. She’s done every birthday cake in our family for years now — any flavor, any design, it’s all awesome. She does the real frosting, too; none of that ultra-light “Cool Whip” crap. Earlier this year, she made my daughter a freaking princess castle cake using sugar cones and such for towers and spires. You can’t beat that.

  17. I always wanted a Saint Honore cake for my birthday, but never got one. Other than that, my favourite cake would be a really well made home-made chocolate cake with raspberry jam between the layers, and cold shaved rich chocoate on the top.

    Query: Is there something missing from the Eddie Izzard clip? Something that gives it context? I don’t get it at all. Or does one just have to be familiar with Izzard? I’ve never seen or heard Izzard, or heard of him for that matter — but then I don’t much go in for comedy folks anymore.

  18. @carr2d2: yeah, was in scottsdale in october of 2007 testing material, and we got tickets. he wasn’t in drag. then he came last year on his real tour, in downtown phoenix, and he wasn’t in drag, but he was wearing a tuxedo coat with tails lol!

  19. @SicPreFix: You really should watch his stuff. Look for “Dressed to Kill” — it’s his most accessible, imo. If you don’t go for comedy folks, you might go for him. He’s popular amongst skeptics for a reason.

    If you dig history, you’ll dig him. He’s different from the popular comedians you’re used to.

  20. A post about cake? I’m in heaven!
    I always got to pick what kind of cake. Food was very important at my my house. I rotated between chocolate/chocolate, yellow cake/chocolate frosting, or carrot cake. This year I went crazy and did m&m cupcakes.
    Cake really is a wonderful thing, and I might have a few food issues….

  21. Cake, cake, cake. Always cake. Unless I have an incurable disease which gives me constant pain, in which case I choose cake, and then death.

    I don’t really remember a big deal being made over birthday cakes when I was a kid. Now, though, my mother-in-law makes pretty much whatever I can dream up (within reason). Chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate, usually. Or brownies. So my mother and mother-in-law and now kind of in a war over birthday dessert -except my mother-in-law doesn’t know it and my mother won’t admit it. Sighhh…

    I haven’t decided what to do for my 30th, yet. I was thinking of having my cousin make these or these. :-) But I doubt we can actually afford to do much of anything…

  22. Death please…no wait…cake! Then, I’d like to make out with Eddie Izzard, then more cake.

    My favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie.

  23. @wdonohue: My birthday is Dec. 23rd but then again grew up Jewish – still, there’s chanukkah.

    Anyway, I’d prefer cake to death please. I never got to choose my own cake growing up. Weird I never even thought about it but I do love chocolate cake. Today, I don’t eat flour or sugar but I’d still get chocolate cake ’cause it’s the husband’s fave.

  24. Cake!
    When I was a child I pined and whined for ice cream cakes. I’ve had my fill of them. The cake that I always have loved and will probably eat even when it endangers my health is Italian Rum Cake: Yellow sponge cake with layers of chocolate and vanilla custard, topped with whipped cream frosting and garnished with chopped nuts.

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