Star Party – Need your help!

As you know, the Atlanta Skeptics are planning a charity Star Gazing party on September 3. Phil Plait and Pamela Gay are going to host it and it’s going to rock harder than you know.

We need your help! If you are an astronomer, a student of astronomy or even an amateur astronomer, and you can’t make the party, we want you to still participate. Fire up your webcam and tell us what you love about astronomy. Share your thoughts, your passion and what makes you happy about gazing into the universe.

Check out The Man Version page for all the details!


Maria D'Souza grew up in different countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Trinidad, and Kenya and it shows. She currently lives in the Bay Area and has an unhealthy affection for science fiction, Neil Gaiman and all things Muppet.

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