Something Awful

There are few greater honors as a skeptical female than being asked by Rebecca Watson to be a Skepchick. As if that wasn’t quite fantastic enough she announced that I was the newest Skepchick at the coolest party at TAM7 to a packed house of skeptics of whom I completely respect and absolutely adore. Almost everyone at the party was wearing my jewelry WHILE they congratulated me on becoming a Skepchick. It was AWESOME. I was pretty convinced by the end that I had actually acquired Skepchick superpowers and I even considered signing up for Scientology’s super hero program to show them what super is really all about. It was an unforgettable weekend. I was on top of the world.

Then I came home. I had sold out of a lot of my pieces over the TAM7 weekend so I started posting some necklaces in my etsy shop and one of the pieces I posted was one of my atheist necklaces. I have posted a photo in case you are not familiar with the design.

Atheist necklace

All my pieces are hand formed and hand painted little pieces of ceramic art and I created that piece to fill a gap I feel exists. Let’s face it, atheists are sorely misrepresented in the jewelry market and this is one of my designs geared towards non-belief. Very soon after I posted the necklace I saw that the counter on my Etsy page was steadily rising and for a moment I actually thought I had gained popularity due to my newly acquired Skepchick super-title. It was cool to be a skeptic and I was accepted as an atheist. I had reached my people. I had arrived.

The reality was of course something completely different. The reason I was getting so many clicks was that my little piece of non-theist art was being dragged through the mud. On the “another I cannot believe anyone paid for this product thread” some guy with glowing angel wings on his avatar had posted a link to my necklace with a caption that said:

“made with 100% [smug]”

Below it someone posted:

“What are you talking about? Nothing makes you look cooler than a low-quality, homemade, ceramic necklace printed clearly with your stance on a controversial issue, but wittily as an acronym made up of more positive adjectives about yourself and those that agree with your position.”

It is well known that atheists are advertised by theists as evil, immoral, baby eating monsters. Now we were smug too.

My intention with that design was to make a sweet necklace that could take the place of a cross or other theist pendant and I also wanted to express and reinforce some of the positive attributes of a nonbeliever that are so often distorted and dismissed.

Does it matter what a bunch of internet trolls with nothing better to do than complain about things think about the art that I create for atheists and skeptics? Am I preaching to the choir, as they say?

It really helped to put things in perspective for me. It reminded me thats it is important to to put skeptical and science inspired art out into the world.
I’m proud of what I do and what I create as an artist. I’m also very proud to be an active part of the skeptical community. I realize now more than ever that we are a minority and that most people do not understand our (totally awesome) worldview. We have a lot of work left to do. I will continue to create art that supports our movement. I will do my best to help explain skepticism and science to the public through visual mediums and I look forward to sharing my many projects with all of you.

I’m SO ready for my next mission. Skepchick powers… ACTIVATE!

Amy Roth

Amy Davis Roth (aka Surly Amy) is a multimedia, science-loving artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She makes Surly-Ramics and is currently in love with pottery. Daily maker of art and leader of Mad Art Lab. Support her on Patreon. Tip Jar is here.

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  1. Congratulations on being the newest member of the Skepchicks!

    As far as the comment regarding your jewelry, everyone has an asshole, only some become one.

    Oh yeah, I received great response from some of the cards I handed out at work today.

    Keep up the great work on the jewelry and I look forward to reading more!

  2. It totally sucks that you came home from so much love and fun to find that. I’m sorry that happened! But good for you for finding the perspective to see something useful from the experience.

    Best of luck on your Skepchick adventures! :)

  3. These people don’t care about the quality of your jewelry, only at a chance to take a cheap shot at someone outside their group. They’d probably say the same about any jewelry that represents a belief other than their own.

  4. Nothing makes you look cooler than a low-quality, homemade, ceramic necklace printed clearly with your stance on a controversial issue, but wittily as an acronym made up of more positive adjectives about yourself and those that agree with your position.”

    Wow, nothing makes a rabid Xtian “my way or the highway” theist look more witty than a thoughtlessly ugly putdown of someone else’s work and beliefs. Whatever happened to Xtian love and acceptance and that old “love thy neighbor” thing they all love to fling around on behalf of the deity they always seem to misrepresent?

    I like your jewelry, but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t attack your ethos over it.


  5. I completely agree that the world needs more science-inspired, non-theist, yet meaningful symbols and art out in the world! You rock! And congratulations on the Skepchick thang!

  6. Oh, and I am atheist, too. That didn’t stop a couple of really ignorant ladies from proselytizing me the other day, even after I told them I wasn’t interested. They didn’t care that I wasn’t interested nor that I was really too busy with my work to actually let them waste my time.

    My advice? Don’t let these people take up valuable space in your brain rent-free.

  7. I just wanted to say, I agree completely with the guy at something awful, except for one word:

    Nothing makes you look cooler than a high-quality, homemade, ceramic necklace printed clearly with your stance on a controversial issue, but wittily as an acronym made up of more positive adjectives about yourself and those that agree with your position.

  8. I bought the last “Darwin’s Tree” necklace! Take that, GestureSignalThreat!


    Ahem. Sorry about that.

    Success is the best revenge. Enjoy!

  9. Congrats on the new role.

    Regarding the comments on SA… Wow. If that’s the best they can come up with you should feel proud to be able to stir them up with little to no effort :)

    It says a lot about the sort of person that registers for that site too.

  10. It really shouldn’t be controversial that atheists can be thoughtful, honest, ethical, intelligent, skeptical thinkers.

    I’m going to go buy more of your jewelry now, so there!

  11. This is SomethingAwful we’re talking about here.

    They have no agenda other than to bust on *everything*.

    Don’t take it personal. It’s not an attack on you, your beliefs or lack thereof.

    And you may even end up with some sales out of it. :P

  12. My question is: Would that person talk down about say, a plastic cross?

    We have all seen a million mass produced plastic crucifixes but to complain about the quality of that product would be considered outrageously rude.

    The atheist message is more than fair game for a lot of people. It inspires me want to make more art that is similar just so we can open up the dialog and show that non-theists have a right to express their feelings and should be treated with equal respect.

  13. And for the rest of you… SA is like a big hornet’s nest, except with goons. Fair warning. :)

  14. @Elyse: Heh :) Nice.

    Amy, you should take that modified quote and make it a slogan for your Etsy store.

    Also, I see it’s sold out now. Any plans to make more? That’s a really nice piece.

  15. ok in my oppoin when buying something i am more likely to buy something that is home made ten to buy something that was made in a factory its the thought and efffort that counts so on that subject i would have to say you are completely wrong about badly hand made because its really the thought that counts i end this comment on this not you may want to take that into consideration

  16. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I know they are goons, I’m just pretty sure they would not have posted the item if it said “Jesus is Lord”.

  17. Oy! I have to ask, what purpose does this jewelry have?

    Is it really necessary to wear your thoughts like this? I’m not suggesting that it’s necessary to be ashamed of your ideas, but I dunno, where’s the humility in something like this?

  18. @Brin As with any art, is it truly necessary? Is it helpful to put a positive spin on a subculture that has a bad reputation?

  19. @SpiralArchitect:
    As far as the comment regarding your jewelry, everyone has an asshole …

    Really? With the amount of shit that comes out of SA, I rather think that most of them have at least two …

  20. It’s important work, spreading the freethought message to the public at large. This is a great article – what a start! :)

  21. I think the intention behind your design is utterly inspired!

    The thought of tacky, tawdry crucifixes reminds me of a documentary where Clive James travels the States. He’s in a jewellery store when a woman comes in and says, “I want to buy a cross to wear, but not one of those ones with the little man on it…”

    Keep the non-faith! :)

  22. @Amy: Thanks. I’ll likely do that in the next couple of weeks.

    Do you also do requests? I’m thinking a Skeptics in the Pub or Drinking Skeptically type theme. I’ve just started this sort of meet up in Christchurch, New Zealand and am in the process of setting up a site for New Zealand gatherings in general.

  23. ugh :(
    That’s really sad, for them, that they’re such dickheads.
    I think it’s cute. In fact, I think I want one.

  24. Brin: What is the point in wearing anything other than what’s necessary to protect your body from the elements? You do it because you enjoy it and like the way it makes you look or feel. Besides humility is overrated.

  25. @ccpetersen: When encountered in the wild, Love thy Neighbor (much like Christian Charity(tm)) should just be watched quietly. Like a rare bird, it spooks easily, and one just be grateful for the opportunity to witness such a creature.

    More to the point, after putting a lot of effort into anything, this reaction is much better than indifference, trust me. Strong reactions either way mean you had some effect, even if unintended. Congrats.

  26. My question is: Would that person talk down about say, a plastic cross?

    Actually? There’s a pretty good chance they would. As has been said, SA takes a chance to make fun of anything they can get their hands on. This isn’t anything special, it’s just a matter of SA being a bunch of people who take the time to mock whatever they feel is in need of mocking.

    I’ll admit, I’m pretty utilitarian in my choices of attire, so Noadi’s rhetorical question holds true for me; I generally don’t see the point in wearing things other than the barest minimum to protect me from the elements.

    Of course, as a matter of taste, I wouldn’t be getting that one myself. As for being rude in making fun of people’s choices in attire, I’d say that I do it a good amount of the time, because there are some things that are just tacky, like plastic crosses, or wearing your teacher’s badge to the bar.

    Despite this utilitarian and jerkass bent, though, I’m totally thinking of getting that Atomic A one on your site. I think I could wear that regularly.

  27. Amy:

    First, welcome aboard the coolest skeptics train ever launched, The Skepchicks!
    There will be always be dismissive and boorish people out there, especially to atheists and skeptics, the most feared groups in the world. Our job is to be the best people we can be, and not to allow their derisive behavior to upset us too much.
    I saw how many people were buying and wearing your pieces last week at TAM7, you must be doing many things right. Keep it up, Girl!
    We hope to see you at the Independent Investigations Group monthly meeting on Saturday, you and Johnny are doing great things!

  28. @Brin: It’s not “necessary” in the life or death meaning of the word, but it feels good to publicly affirm yourself and your beliefs. Like that “Babe In Total Control of Herself” pin I bought when I was 14.

  29. Amy, this is an awesome opportunity. You need to take the wind out of the SA sails and use their comments against them. Use their negativity against them – use their negativity to promote the good that you do.

    Atheist Jewelry so good, it throws Christians into conniptions.

    Atheist Jewelry so good, only Christian Trolls don’t like it.

    and so on.

    Good luck!


  30. Most of you do not understand SA one bit.

    The *worst* thing to do would be to fire back.

    They’re just goofing around – so far. Let it die. Trust me.

  31. Don’t let those assholes get to you. After all, 1000 skeptics last week thought you and your jewelry were awesome!

  32. Oh I’m not upset and please don’t bother with SA. It was just an ironic turn of events that got me thinking.

  33. Amy – my note wasn’t really directed at you. More towards some of the other commenters who seem to be itchin’ for a showdown. :)

  34. First, the general IQ among SA commenters is about the same as on YouTube.

    Second, when I open your page in Firefox, the tab abbreviates the page name to “Surly-Ramics Handmade Ceramic Jew”…a little ironic, I thought.

  35. For what it’s worth, I added that necklace to my favorites on Google Chrome immediately after I saw it the first time about a month ago. I think the only word on there that could make them think it’s smug is perhaps “intelligent” but intelligence is something to be smug about. Apparently changing your image so that people don’t think you’re sprouting horns and a tail is smug. Whatever. I’d rather be smug than a judgmental prick.

    For what it’s also worth, I linked the necklace to my friend and he was like “OMG OMG OMG want want want want want”.

    And for what it’s also worth, I’m wearing your “evolution kick ass” necklace right now. Which is awesome cause Cassie from Teen Skepchick also bought the same one so we’re like sisters!

  36. “Surly-Ramics Handmade Ceramic Jew”-lol!

    @Elles Thank you for linking to my item. I appreciate that! I met Cassie at TAM and she is as charming as she is lovely and I can now say for a fact that Teen Skepchicks RULE!

  37. @Amy:
    “Jesus is Lord” would be way too easy for SA goons to make fun of, I think. ScottW is right about them.

    Anyway, welcome welcome! I love skeptical crafty women! (Crafty in both senses of the word.) Also, is that ceramic jewelry on your Gravatar?

  38. Not to mention that SA trolls teen Christian forums near-constantly. Not as a concerted effort, but just small groups, for the lulz.

    Of course, painting 130,000 people who argue with each other near-constantly with the same brush seems a bit silly anyway.

  39. As a sometimes troll and former Goon myself, I can say with 100% conviction that the worst thing you can do is make any kind of fuss about this. One who feeds the trolls with attention risks becoming a lolcow who will be milked for lulz until dry. Ignore them, and they will disappear.

    Unless, of course, you’re ridiculous by nature. There’s no helping that :-)

  40. well, my Darwin tree is a BIG HIT!! And I’m a Xian (hey I’m a Xian not a fundie creationist ok?)

    I love IT . For one thing it IS VERY WELL MADE, it’s beautiful, elegant, a lovely crackle finish…and I’ve had countless compliments on it in just a few days.

    Now… if you just made me a lovely cut Schrodingers cat necklace and oh say one from my logo….life would be perfect!

    Meanwhile, my friend Geek Goddess bought FIVE and I’m going “wait, I need MORE!”

  41. martian_bob:

    “risks becoming a lolcow who will be milked for lulz until dry”

    Bahahahha. Hilarious, and so utterly (udderly? :D) true.

  42. Well, okay, thanks for your thoughts everyone.

    I’ll be the first to admit – I hardly understand culture or culture’s behaviors so I hope no one saw my question as an attack of any kind. But humility being overrated? Pft!

    No one here would have a problem with religion if it weren’t so in your face all the time. The problem seems to be that overt taste of asshole in your mouth after talking to a lot of the theistic retards that represent the religion. Not like some atheists don’t have this flavoring either though.

    I guess I don’t have a problem, so long as the idea is not: atheist > theist.

  43. Go you! Your work is lovely and meaningful. And you sell it instead of “a free gift with your donation of $XX.XX”.

  44. I am passionate about art. I’ve even traveled to Europe specifically to see certain paintings or pieces of sculpture. The Renaissance was an amazing period of intellect and art. The patron “saints” of the Renaissance were the church and the very rich. Interestingly, centuries later, the brilliant Impressionists were sometimes sponsored by no one. Both periods, though vastly different, were spectacular. So why can’t craftwork ( my wife is a brilliant craftsperson, so I know about the the hard work and the creative forces involved in making something attractive, unique, stylish, yet affordable ) represent the theist perspective, the atheist perspective , and no religious perspective at all. Crafts can be junk, craft can be art, but it’s not the message ( or lack of a message ) that defines the quality of the work, it’s the work itself.

    Your work, Amy, is quality work. It’s unique. It’s creative. And after meeting you, however tangentially, it does something else that’s special: it is a manefestion of your funky personality. If that’s not GOOD art … then what is?

  45. @Elyse : So is it your way or the highway or something?

    I guess I don’t see it so black and white. Yes people get hurt at the hands of religious dimwits, but is it the religion that is demanding the dimwitted behavior? Sometimes. But sometimes it’s just pure idiocy with religion’s name on it – people being people who don’t even understand what they stand for. Some religions are pretty inane, declaring decree that state that people should not get blood transfusions, for example. But, from their perspective they are still behaving rationally. They truly BELIEVE that they are doing their loved one, or themselves a favor by refusing medical treatment. Often times, these people are put in prison or their children die and they are punished accordingly, but what is occurring is a genuine culture clash. These things are bad TO US, it is WE who believe it is child abuse, not them.

    I think if you truly cared you’d be trying to persuade the religions by elaborating to them from their own perspective. I’m sure you’ve thought about this already though, I’ve watched this community for awhile and it seems like a wise crew, I just lacked a little self control today – I just HAD to ask about the jewelry.

  46. I just want to get a quick comment in on your first posting and an official Skepchick.

    I got to meet you at the Skepchick party/TAM7 and I think you kick ass.

    I look fwd to buying some evil Atheist swag from you and spreading the baby eating word!

  47. Ahh the Something Awful forumn, inhabitted by their goons who actually pay for the “privilege” of posting on that site yet can only dole out pure bullshit.

    Some of these guys are knuckle-dragging bottom feeders, what they don’t know is the shear power of the Super SurlyRamic Skepti-Team, they only wish they knew women as talented, nice and attractive as Amy (let alone ANY women). So while they bitch and complain we’ll keep on buying.

  48. Yay for great first post! My b-day is coming up in two weeks so hopefully a loved one or two will see your necklaces on my wishlist…

    Scanned over their thread… honestly, they make fun of the Magic Bullet. I freaking love that thing.

    @Brin: I honestly don’t see what humility has to do with jewelry. And did you ask anyone here why they would wear such a thing before making assumptions? Might be “oo, that’s pretty and it describes me!” Or “hey, nice conversation starter.”

    “But sometimes it’s just pure idiocy with religion’s name on it…”

    I agree with that, and that’s why I would tell you that religion is not the cause of all, or even most, of the world’s problems. And you’d be hard pressed to find a skeptic, I think, that would tell you that religion is solely the problem. We are always here discussing various logical fallacies and beliefs that are completely secular, though sometimes just as dangerous as religious ones. (e.g. anti-vaxx)

    “…you’d be trying to persuade the religions by elaborating to them from their own perspective.”

    Substituting “those who hold firmly to an irrational and dangerous belief” for “religion” there… that’s an important goal of skepticism, to reach out and communicate effectively, no? But you can’t start with the prior that the belief is valid, which is “their own perspective.” Maybe no one person is going to convince any other person to change their mind, but showing the world from a different viewpoint is an important part of debate and education.

  49. I just wanted to jump in and say that I really appreciate everyone who took the time to post on this thread…this being my “first” day and all.

    Thanks. :)

  50. Amy, I think your pieces are fantastic and high quality! I bought the large space one at TAM as well as pieces for my son and daughter. Please do not let anyone discourage your talents. I wore the one about using your brain to my Edu Methods class Wed. night and my classmates loved it! Great first post!

  51. I’ve been drawing up ideas on making jewellery inspired by science for months now. One of my friends who I’ve talked about it sent me this link because he thought I would the post and your pieces.

    Well I did! I love your stuff. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I just have to figure out whether I should get the microscope pendant or the one with the rocket ship.


  52. That is so catty and petty and stupid. It still amazes me that some people have nothing better to do with their time than to e-drag someone through the mud (usually anonymously and secretively, besides). Damn, talk about general douchebaggery.

  53. “…low-quality…”

    Having handled quite a bit of Surlyramics jewelry (as gifts, mostly), this let me know instantly that the goons know not of what they speak. The pics all over the place are great, but a piece in hand is so much more beautiful that it’s hard to express.

    SA is good at comedy and irony, at times. If it’s good enough to make a major blog or aggregator (see the home-made flamethrower for a personal favorite), it’s probably funny. If it’s one of the billion other threads, it’s likely not worth looking at.

  54. “On the “another I cannot believe anyone paid for this product thread” some guy with glowing angel wings on his avatar had posted a link to my necklace with a caption that said: “made with 100% [smug].”

    “Below it someone posted: “What are you talking about? Nothing makes you look cooler than a low-quality, homemade, ceramic necklace printed clearly with your stance on a controversial issue, but wittily as an acronym made up of more positive adjectives about yourself and those that agree with your position.”

    Funny, that’s about how I feel about those stupid Christ “fish” on cars and the crosses the drivers wear. A bit of projection, perhaps?

  55. Gah! That got me so irritated that I can’t even read the comments before I comment!!(and therefore, probably am repeating someone’s sentiments. Okay, reinforcing. Yeah, I like that.)

    “made with 100% [smug]“

    whaaaa theeee faaaaaah??

    How can these creoshits go around calling people who simply do not believe in something that there is no compelling reason to believe (and about a jillion very compelling reasons not to) smug and/or arrogant when THEY ARE THE ONES ASSERTING THAT THEY HOLD “THE ONE TRUE TRUTH”?!!one!?

    I just can’t understand how someone who literally thinks that ( yes, someone else figured it out for them, but that)” IT” (everything, you know, it’s in teh bbll!!) is all figured out and that THEY are correct in choosing the particular brand of all-figured-out-ed-ness, dare even THINK that someone who is basically saying “we don’t have it all figured out, not by a long shot, but your brand of crazy doesn’t really make any sense, hasn’t been particularly useful, and, in fact, has been quite harmful, so no thanks” is “arrogant” or “smug”.

    Do they call their doctor “hifalutin” when he uses diagnostic tools that they don’t understand? Ugh.

    We need to turn that fucking “atheists think they got it aaaal figgerd out” meme right back at them, because they are the ones who literally think that not only IS it all figured out, but that they are correct in their brand of choice…sorry to basically repeat myself, but I did.

    so what’s it going to be? we need a snappy catchphrase, one like “if religions are hair colors, atheism is “bald” to shoot out into mind-land, one that is accurate and succinct like that, that addresses how goddam CERTAIN these assholes are of their faith…I’d suggest something about pascal’s wager and rubber and glue, but that’s probably a bad idea.

    [/ way too before coffee rant. gawd, what the ass am I even doing up this early?]

  56. @Brin:

    No, it’s not my way or the high way, and I don’t know where you get that.

    Religion is an important topic when it stops people from thinking. When adults teach children that the earth is only 6000 years old, they’re denying those children access to some of the basics of science. When religions, like the Catholic Church condone rape by continually excusing the actions of rapists and give them access to continue raping, that’s bad. When Scientology tells bi-polar people that they just need vitamins, people die. When people are faith healing, it heals nothing. When Muslim women have their genitals mutilated to prevent them from desiring sex, and are then murdered for merely talking to a male non-relative without their fathers’ permission… well, if you can’t find the harm in that, you’re not very bright.

    If people treated God the same way they treated a lucky charm – as something they use to give them a little extra umph during their lives, but lived rationally otherwise, we’d likely poke a little fun at the silliness of it and leave it at that… much like we do with things like playoff beards and finding heads-up pennies on the ground.

    But that’s simply not the case. People are harmed, every day, by all kinds of crazy messages sent down by The Lord Himself. From lack of blood transfusions, to denying people their rights to be normal sexual beings, to 9 year old girls being forced to carry babies to term, to denying people access to science.

    Perhaps for you, you’re only annoyed that religious people are so in your face about it… but if that’s the only reason you dislike it, I urge you to dig deeper. It’s a bigger problem than just a minor inconvenience.

    To be fair, it’s not the case with every religious person, or even most. But every half-assing it Catholic who shows up 4 times a year to church, who still puts a few bucks in the basket, is helping to fund the criminal enterprise.

    Disclaimer: I’m tired and uncoffeed and trying to keep a toddler from jumping off the couch to his death (or at least to the detriment of his bones and/or head) so let me apologize if this is incoherent and rambling.

  57. P.S. – Even in the second nasty quote (where they say “low-quality”, it is obvious that they give not a shit/know not of what they speak regarding the quality, and are just pissy about the message.

    I think this is a case of that “no bad publicity” thing. Actual bad publicity would be if you got home and there were a bunch of comments from people who bought your jewelry, complaining that not only did the pieces break and look nothing like the ones pictured, they were plastic and imprinted with “made in china” on the back.

    Keep on making!

  58. @ccpetersen: Maybe we can make a pamphlet to give to the pamphlet-pushers, explaining that we simply don’t believe that stuff, YES we have considered it, and maybe some stuff for the creos to think about? Rodney Anonymous made a “good news about Dionysus” one a while back. Is there a less hilarious, more serious one already out there?

    Not to proselytize (is decrying nonsense even “proselytizing”, or just pointing out some obvious stuff in a kinda dickish way?) with, of course, but just to give to proselytizers when they give you a pamphlet.

  59. I’ve been wanting to make a pendant that says “SMILE… there is no hell.” Unfortunately, the slogan is not mine. So instead I am designing some adorable flying spaghetti monster necklaces. (they are so freakin’ adorable). The point is I think it is important to remember that we have a responsibility not to throw things in people’s faces but to rise above the anger, ignorance and the immature antics that we often see and instead spread our message with intelligence, kindness and occasionally a lighthearted sense of humor. The highroad has a MUCH better view.

  60. “Let’s face it, atheists are sorely misrepresented in the jewelry market….”

    That’s my vote for comment o’ the week. IT’S SO TRUE!! We also need atheistic hair styles and shoe designs. This really is fresh territory for the god-denying-hordes to untrammel.

  61. @Amy: “So instead I am designing some adorable flying spaghetti monster necklaces. (they are so freakin’ adorable).”

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Cannot type “WANT” in big enough letters to express my desire… Hey, I have a birthday coming up! [singsong voice] I know what I’m getting… awesome freakin’ jewelry. neener neener neener nee. [/singsong voice]

  62. @Odromo: Ya, indeed, I wasn’t considering the source. After I had some coffee, and, now, yes, a little Saturday Wine, I realize that the OP wasn’t necessarily being terribly earnest in their apparent rational-based-community bashing. In fact, I now read the first SA comment as possibly (probably?) coming from someone who might see atheist-positive jewelry as something just as goofy as theist-positive jewelry…

    BUT! I wasn’t thinking straight b/c I’ve heard the whole “oh, yeah, you atheists think you’re sooo got it aaall figured out” trope way too many times (and it was like before 8 A.M). And it got me all pissed. Mission accomplished, SA poster! Lolz all around – too bad you weren’t here to read it (?).

    So please see my pre-caffeinated rant as not an indictment of the individual lolz-lovin’ SA poster, but of people who actually accuse atheists of being smug while they are completely convinced that they know all the bible-sayin’ (non) “answers” to be actually, for-sure-ed-ly, true.

    That would be the “THEY” that I was referring to.

    This has gotten me thinking: maybe what would be more “a-” something would be to just not have an inverse? Like, maybe the reason that all those silly people think that we “worship Darwin” is because we have co-opted the Jesus-fish and put a nerdy, funny twist on it that they don’t understand? Like they don’t understand that we’re making fun of their beliefs because they actually think that we’re countering their god with “our” “god”?

    Just sayin’ (and having a little wine. OK, on a fairly empty stomach.)

    whitebird out.

  63. Yeah, what do crucifixes say if not “I AM BELOVED BY JEBUS AND WILL LIVE FOREVER”. So, balls to the trolls. Really.

    We actually didn’t speak much at TAM, but I just wanted to wade in and say, for what this is worth, I wear no jewellery other than my wedding ring and very occasionally a ‘t’ pendant that my mom bought me. Except, since TAM7, I haven’t had my ‘I heart geeks’ necklace off. I bought a little robot dude for my sister, which she’s delighted with. My wedding necklace that you made for us all is now in my jewellery box which only contains two other items: a heart pendant bought for me on my honeymoon, and the charm bracelet handed down through the women in my family for generations.

    So yeah, like I say, if it means anything to you, your work is highly valued and meaningful, not just for little me in England but for everyone who has a piece. Anyone who bought a necklace at TAM will think of one of the best weekends of their lives every time they wear it. You can’t usually buy that sort of awesome. I commend you. Fuck the haters, they have no style anyway.

    Oh, and welcome to the madness!

  64. Hi. First post here, but…

    @chimera: Who Wants Jelly Donuts?

    And Amy, congrats on becoming a Skepchick. From what I’ve seen, they’re the best! And I adore your creations. I just added up all the ones I’ve gotten through Etsy, and I have 19 of them, everything from a bunny to a Peep to lots of science and skeptic and atheist stuff. So don’t let the buggers get you down; we love you! Keep up the fantastic work.

  65. Amy – I was there at the party when your new super powers were announced, and I had earlier bought the very piece of jewelry you are referring to. I know you already know it, and I know it has been said a thousand times already by others here, but I think you do terrific work, and everyone I know who knows of your work agrees.

    You are a welcome addition to the ‘Chicks, IMO.

  66. Hey there Amy, don’t worry about SA, that site is nothing but a collection of half-wits and fucktards that steal content and wish they were a quarter as influential as 4chan.

  67. @level20monkey: 4chan is a home for broken dreams.

    Anyway, I’m two days late, but as a goon, there’s very little to worry about, and it’s generally for the best that anything discussed in the General Bullshit forum be taken with a can of salt.

  68. You mean you don’t eat babies? Should I stop?

    Cand you make a Cthulhu one too, not just the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I want Cthulhu :).

    In his house at R’lyeh dead C’thulhu waits dreaming!

  69. Amy, I just want to let you know that I love your work and wear one of your Atheist necklaces (just like the one pictured) every day with pride. I hope you continue to make such wonderful art.

    Also, congratulations on becoming the newest Skepchick.

  70. I have had requests for Cthulhu before. When I am done eating my chocolate covered baby I will see what I can come up with. mmmmmm baby *drools*

  71. Dear Amy,

    Thanks for a really interesting first post. It reminded me of when i posted a picture of a mixed media collage to a supposed ‘art quilt’ group. They had absolutes fits because one of the images was a (very tasteful) vintage nudie. With (gasp) a tittie showing. I was bagged from here to kingdom come. Not because the artwork sucked, but because it showed a breast.

    I now don’t share my ‘art’ with anyone, I make only to please myself, after that experience.

    I am so glad that your art is so appreciated and valued. It’s fantastic!

    I wonder if I could work skepticality in my next quilt…

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