Skepchick Quickies, 7.27


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  1. Secret revealed:
    Bacon is people!

    More important secret revealed:
    Bacon-flavored people make us reconsider cannibalism.

    You would taste so good with a light pineapple glaze, my dear…mmmmm….people…

  2. From the old-school ads:

    Nembutal Suppositories
    Brand name for pentobarbital. “When little patients balk at scary, disquieting examinations…When they need prompt sedation (and the oral route isn’t feasible)…try Nembutal sodium suppositories…There is little tendency toward morning-after hangover.”

    Rectally-employed barbiturates!?! For children!?!

    Who wants to bet that this is one of the sources of “alien-anal-probe” memories?


    Dr. Miles’ Nervine
    “Since I have been taking Nervine, nothing bothers me.”

    “Is that your child screaming?”

    “Could be, but thanks to Nervie(tm), I don’t give a rat’s ass.”

  3. Ok, now I’m pissed:

    They thought the kid had a cold? The mother got off because she wasn’t paying as much attention? The kid was dosed with a healthy dose of olive oil?

    And he gets… a year? Grrr!!!!!!

  4. Robotics tip #314: Many English phrases that appear straightforward to humans are likely to confuse a robot. For example, never tell a robot (especially one that thinks you taste like prosciutto), “make me a sandwich”. The alternative phrasing, “make a sandwich for me” has a much higher survival rate for the requester.

  5. — Congratulations Kaylia

    — Insufficient experimental controls. Perhaps the cameraman fries bacon naked.

    — Just because a parent cares about their kids does not mean that they are making good decisions.
    We are all responsible for our actions. As They say, the road to Hell and all that.

  6. “They’re people. They’re not monsters,” she said at a press conference at the Clackamas County courthouse. “They had no intention of harming their child. They’re good parents.”

    See, I agreed with this juror right until she hit that last sentence. No, they aren’t monsters. Sure, they’re people. That doesn’t make them good, or even competent parents. If your child dies from lack of basic antibiotics, in the US, you have failed as a parent. No two ways about it.

  7. @ZachTP: Exactly! It’s the second degree of woo in action. The jurors thought to themselves (or may have been mislead by the defense) “Studies show that prayer works to heal people. It would have been better if the child had medical treatment but you can’t blame parents who were trying.”

    Then the mother cries some, the other daughter is healthy. And oh yeah, ‘freedom of religion.’

    This church has harmed children before – The trial was the first under a 10-year-old Oregon law that bars legal defenses based on religious practices in most abuse cases. The law was a response to previous deaths among young members of the Followers of Christ.

    It is not unreasonable to suggest that other followers of this cult will be less likely to get attention for their children after this verdict.

  8. I guess its OK to kill your kids if do it with sincerely held religious beliefs.

    Anyone else check out the nuttery in the comments on the old drugs site?

  9. I love the cigarette ad that claims to cure asthma and bad breath. At least they had a disclaimer that it’s not for children under 6.

  10. Does anyone else find the the article about the “alternative medicine” and the parenting article frighteningly synergistic? Isn’t prayer a form of “alternative medicine?” Instead of praying for the child maybe they should have tried Dr. Herbert Bensons’ Relaxation Response.

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