Skepchick Quickies 7.2


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “President Obama triggered the economic crisis (which began in anticipation of his election under President Bush) which prompted Congress to pass the stimulus legislation that caused Sanford to fly to Argentina to sleep with a woman other than his wife.”

    So…God knew that Obama was going to become president and he started punishing us pre-emptively?

  2. Paleontologists and creationists meet but don’t mesh. Hmmm I’ve seen this somewhere else but can’t quite place it. Deja vu?

  3. Okay, I keep trying to post about the whole “it’s Obama’s fault that Sanford had an affair”, and I sit here shaking my head at the stupidity. I can’t even comment on how dumb that is.

  4. @JOHNEA13: Whoops! It’s not like I didn’t read yesterday’s Quickies and comments, too. I blame it on Obama and same sex marriage, they’re the reason I can’t remember shit.

  5. Regarding the Oklahoma article, Ed Brayton pointed out that at least two of those quotations are actually fake.

    Inhofe, Coburn, and Kern… “Oklahoma: Where only the craziest representatives will do”.

  6. I’m trying to wrap my head around how Obama got blamed for the economic mealtdown. It happened in anticipation of his election. Even though the meltdown officailly started in, what, 2007? At this time, Obama and Clinton were still slugging it out. On top of the fact that, as a nation, the election was pretty split. While Obama won by a sizable majority, it could be argued because he took a lead in key states. But all that is moot if you just boil it down to the effect happened before the cause.

    Go Figure.

  7. 36 hours of accounting courses, 9 hours of economics courses, 21 hours of business courses all wasted. Why did I bother with all of these hours of study? When I could just have skipped it all and said goddit?

  8. It boggles my mind. My brain actually hurts. Christians are now no longer abandoning science but economics and accounting. How much longer before they give up on math itself? Why do they bother ot even go to school? History, art, music, math, science, philosophy, electronics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, archeology, agriculture, all of human knowledge and understanding. Why bother with any of it? When you can just say goddit?

  9. “Christians are now no longer abandoning science but economics and accounting. ”

    Once you start attributing natural phenomena to an invisible sky-fairy to the rest of it pretty much follows on its own.

    The real question is what awful sin did we commit to deserve Sally Kern? ‘Cause whatever it was we did it must have been an order of magnitude worse than anything on her list.

  10. @marilove: I just heard about this yesterday. WTF? It sounds like a bunch of cops, most likely urged on by their supervisors, decided to “celebrate” the anniversery of Stonewall. What did they think would happen? Were they thinking they could just go gay bashing and nothing would happen? I normally support the cops but not this time. This is wrong. I have been in a lot of bars when the TABC or cops have come through. The most they have ever done is politely asked to see someone’s ID if that person looked young enough that they could be underage. From the eyewitness accounts these cops came in and started trouble. Someone could die. That would at least be manslaughter. Those cops need to go to jail. The police chief needs to lose his job. And however many other people who were directly involved. I ask everyone to please send emails to every city councilor and the mayor of fort worth. Even if you don’t live in Ft. Worth let them know the nation is watching.

  11. @Gabrielbrawley: I’ve known a LOT of cops–I’ve worked closely with a LOT of cops. It’s just like anything else: There are bad apples, there are good apples. The problem with cops is that the bad apples generally run the show, because they have all the power and influence. And many cops go in with high dreams and aspirations, only to be jaded by all the corruption. It also depends on the area, the squad…. It’s really sad, though, and it just seems to be getting worse, not better.

    I ask everyone to please send emails to every city councilor and the mayor of fort worth.

    Thank you! That’s why I posted it here. I’ll be preparing some e-mails this weekend, getting some tips tonight from the LGBT org I volunteer for.

    We need to get the word out and stick with it, otherwise these cops will get away with it.

  12. @Lady Mitris: It’s very hard for them to keep their propaganda straight, you know? ;-)
    Especially when they are projecting… :-D

    What would you call the ‘pig feed’ on Wall Street that led us to the current economic mess but “debauchery” on a grand scale?

    It’s part of their “theology” to blame anyone they don’t agree with as the cause of societal ills. I think they came up with the term “scapegoating” in the Old Testament. It’s been so useful ever since…

  13. I liked how the cadet mentioned being able to look around and recognize other non-believers during prayer. That’s one of my favorite unintended consequences of being part of an overwhelmingly Christian community.

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