Skepchick Quickies, 7.15


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  1. I didn’t even know Rite Aid was still around. I thought CVS ate most of ’em up, but I guess a few are still kickin’. I wonder if Walgreens and CVS will have to do similar? I know Walgreens has their own brand, but I’m not sure about CVS because I never pay attention to that kind of stuff when I go.

  2. @MarlowePI: Well, I actually work for CVS (not the retail side). :) CVS ate up most of the Rite Aids on the West side of the country, I think. And Long’s (Hawaii!). I haven’t seen a Rite Aid in yearrrrrs.

    CVS is also kicking Walgreen’s ass.

  3. @Kaylia_Marie: Oh, you have CVS, just not in the bay area. They are ALL over So Cal (there are like, 3 distribution centers there) — including Ontario, I think.

    I am almost positive those Longs will be CVS soon. CVS bought out Longs.

  4. One of the bits from the piece on public trust of scientists that I found interesting was that scientists tend to be Democrats, but Democrats at large had the worst understanding of science. I wonder what happens to that result if you control for education and income.

  5. @marilove:

    Granted, I don’t live in the major Ontario cities, (though) I do visit Toronto fairly often), but I have never seen any of the stores you and Kaylia mentioned (except when I visited NYC in February….before we needed passports to cross the border….bah!).

    I’ve heard of Walgreens (thanks to Buffalo television beamed to the greater Toronto market), but what the hell is a Rite Aid?

    We used to have K-Mart all over Canada, but no one I know has seen one in years (thanks to NAFTA)

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