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  1. I’ve known some girls in highschool who were not allowed to go swimming for religious reasons. Something about not being allowed to use the same water as a man, or something like that.

    Not just swimming pools, either. One of them wasn’t allowed to go swimming at the beach! It’s the Atlantic ocean! If you’re not allowed to go swimming in one of the largest bodies of water on the planet because you can’t share an ocean with men, you’re going to be leading a seriously limited lifestyle.

    I may not know much about biology, but I’m pretty sure a swimming pool isn’t a very hospitable environment for sperm, even without chlorine.

    I wonder if the hotel could mount a homeopathic defense; since the sperm is diluted in water, which apparently has the opposite effect except more potent, a stray sperm should have made her infertile.

  2. That whole story makes me sad. The mother is clearly in denial. I wonder if the 13 year old girl (still a child!) was abused while on vacation and is just too afraid to say anything, and if the mother is like “Lalalalalalala”. It could have been consensual with another boy but… I dunno. The whole thing doesn’t sit well with me. :/

  3. Looking at the story, there are two links. One goes to Perez Hilton, upstanding bastion of journalism that he is, and the other goes to the original article that Perez linked to, from

    Not being an Englishman, I’m not sure what kind of credibility The Sun has. But the big Wik article gives me pause. Grated, the big Wik is a little hit or miss itself sometimes…

    While it wouldn’t surprise me that someone may well have filed such a complaint, and I’m not familiar with the laws in that jurisdiction, one would hope any judge in their right mind would dismiss the case as frivolous. So the Sun is probably just picking up on the sensationalism of the thing.

  4. @Peregrine: That’s it, basically.

    I’d probably fall in even if I wasn’t texting, because I tend to not see what’s right ahead of me, and … well, they should’ve had the man hole covered or surrounded by bright, yellow tape and signs. This isn’t the fault of the girl.

  5. The rogue sperm story reminds me of the joke where the patient is seeing the doctor, having gotten a case of the clap. They ask the doctor, “Is it possible to get an STD in a public restroom?” to which the doctor replies, “Yes, so I’d advise you to stop having sex there.”

  6. A guy goes to the doctor to find the solution to his constantly sore arm. Doctor says take this jar home and bring back a urine sample, and I’ll tell you exactaly what your problems are. The guy thinks this is nuts: I’ll expose this quack. The guy urinates in the jar, gets his wife to urinate in the jar, his 14 year old daughter to urinate in the jar then even gets his dog to urinate in the jar. The guy shakes it all up,brings it back and gives it to the doc . Doc takes it back in his lab to analyze and then returns. Guy says OK tell me exactly what my problems are. Doc says your wife has VD, your daughter is pregnant, your dog has the mange and if you don’t stop playing with yourself your arm will fall off.

  7. The first comment at the linked article brings up an unpleasant possibility:

    bookscooks: Let’s just hope the father is not the girl’s own father.

    After all, there’s already some clear denial in play here…

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